The Meaning of The Doctrine of Scarcity

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I have often commented on the evil and paradoxical nature of The Doctrine of Scarcity, which makes depriving and impoverishing people unnecessarily into a virtue and allows such vicious and premeditated deprivation to be exercised “for their own good”.  

This is very much in the barbaric and kinky tradition of flagellation, the “subduing of the flesh”— but not one’s own flesh in this case; no, in this case, it’s the purposeful enslavement, crippling, castration, and cruel impoverishment of other people’s bodies and minds.  For no sane reason, but the greed, licentiousness, elitism, and cruelty embedded in the Roman Curia which is 95% at fault for promoting Corporate Feudalism as a replacement for Colonialism. 

We all finally woke up and recognized the evils of Colonialism for what they are, so they turned right around and ginned up an even worse version of the same predatory, unjust, and unjustifiable system wearing a different suit of clothes. 

As I have said before, these people are diabolical, but not creative. They find a schtick that works and they play it in different variations, over and over and over again:  

PARSE SYNTAX is just a rehash of the DOG LATIN fraud promoted by the Roman Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodosia 1500 years ago.  

The “name style” frauds they have employed against all of us, were popular in the 1840’s and 1850’s.  The Cestui Que Vie Trust scams first started in the 1660’s. 

And the “Special Purpose Vehicle” fraud being run by “the” United States Department of Transportation got its start as an insurance fraud scam involving bottomry bonds on non-existent ships named after individual people.  

There’s a reason that there is “nothing new under the sun”.  It’s because these cretins have been allowed to get away with their stock and trade by recycling it.  They just wait a few decades and start the same old scheme somewhere else, in a different corner of the world, and play it for all it’s worth again. And again. And again. 

They are up to their same old tricks again, only this time, the target (besides “the” United States) is China. 

And as usual, they are singing their diabolical siren song of gold, gold, gold. 

Oh, they promise they will make China rich and powerful beyond the wildest dreams of the pettiest and greediest bureaucrats  — and as usual, they propose to do this using other people’s assets.  In return for giving the Chinese access to other people’s credit and other people’s gold, they expect the Chinese military to act as their Protectors and Enforcers. 

Sound familiar?  The Hessians?  The Americans?  And now the Chinese? 

It’s the same old crap, different day.  Same old pattern of stealing and abusing and moving on.  Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss…. and just look up at the sky and pray….. that we don’t get fooled again. 

The only way all this nonsense works is by deluding unwary people. It’s all always the same.  Burn the books and hide the history.  Feed a false narrative and keep the victims entertained so that they miss the sleights of hand, don’t notice that the names are written in a different style, don’t notice the rising prices, don’t notice that records have become registrations.  

False Gods forbid that anyone ever notice that “insurance” is nothing but legalized gambling, that money is a sham and a false idol, whether you make it out of plastic or paper or gold, or that Corporate Feudalism is just a new wrapping for Feudalism and Colonialism combined.  

But perhaps I am still not getting through to you?  Perhaps the grit of this is still not adding up to “the dirt” for you?  Here’s as fine a summation of the situation as I have ever found, from King Farouk: 

“To begin, one must first understand that the current global financial system is intentionally constructed to be detrimental to mankind, to stifle creativity through financial fear and debt slavery.”   

And we must overcome this.  We must see through it.  We must create a much brighter day, cut free of superstition, deceit, ego, and selfishness.  We have to stop falling for the same old carnival sideshow tricks and finally come to grips with the tricksters themselves—-and put an end to it, once and for all. 

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