The government can only operate in a fictional world because it is a corporation.

According to Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a corporation is “an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state.”

Because the government is a corporation (artificial person), it is a fictitious entity that has no natural rights and power. Its main source of power comes from feeding on the energy of the people.

Since a corporation is a fictitious person, it cannot think, speak, see, touch, smell, or do anything that a living person can do.

In other words, a corporation cannot, by itself, function in the real world. To function in the real reality, it needs a conduit or a liaison of some sort to connect it, and the fictional world in which it exists, to the real reality.

As living, breathing people, we exist in the real world, not a fictional world. But government exists in a fictional reality, so it can only deal directly with other fictional persons, such as corporations, agencies, and states — ALL-CAPITAL-LETTER NAMES.

DUNS Numbers of the US Corporate Government and Most of Its Major Agencies

United States Government-052714196US Department of Defense (DOD)-030421397

US Department of the Treasury-026661067

US Department of Justice (DOJ)-011669674

US Department of State-026276622

US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)-Office of the Secretary-112463521

US Department of Education-944419592

US Department of Energy-932010320

US Department of Homeland Security-932394187

US Department of the Interior-020949010

US Department of Labor-029536183

US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)-Office of the Secretary-030945779

US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)-931691211

US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-050297655

US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-056622429

Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP)-796730922

Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)-130221646

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-057944910

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)-003259074

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-079933920

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-364281923

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)-037751583

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-020309969

US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)-003475175

US Public Health Service (USPHS)-039294216

National Institutes of Health (NIH)-061232000

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)-927645465

US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)-138182175

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-040539587

Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed)-001959410

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-878865674

National Security Agency (NSA)-617395215

US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)-167247027

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco (BAFT)-132282310

Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-926038563

Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)-926038407

DUNS Numbers of Each US Corporate State and Its Largest City

State of Alabama-004027553 City of Birmingham-074239450

State of Alaska-078198983 City of Fairbanks-079261830

State of Arizona-068300170 City of Phoenix-030002236

State of Arkansas-619312569 City of Little Rock-065303794

State of California-071549000 City of Los Angeles-159166271

State of Colorado-076438621 City of Denver-066985480

State of Connecticut-016167285 City of Bridgeport-156280596

State of Delaware-037802962 City of Wilmington-067393900

District of Columbia-949056860 City of Washington-073010550

State of Florida-004078374 City of Miami-965299576

State of Georgia-069230183 City of Atlanta-065372500

State of Hawaii-077676997 City of Honolulu-828979612

State of Idaho-071875734 City of Boise-070017017

State of Illinois-065232498 City of Chicago-556057206

State of Indiana-071789435 City of Indianapolis-964647155

State of Iowa-828089701 City of Davenport-963855494

State of Kansas-827975009 City of Wichita-06986275

State of Kentucky-828008883 City of Louisville-943445093

State of Louisiana-0612389911 City of New Orleans-033692404

State of Maine-061207536 City of Portland, Maine-071747802

State of Maryland-847612442 City of Baltimore-052340973

State of Massachussetts-138090548 City of Boston-007277284

State of Michigan-054698428 City of Detroit-021733631

State of Minnesota-050375465 City of Minneapolis-009901959

State of Mississippi-008210692 City of Jackson-020864955

State of Missouri-616963596 City of Kansas (City)-832496868

State of Montana-945782027 City of Billings-068925759

State of Nebraska-041472307 City of Omaha-926604690

State of Nevada-123259447 City of Las Vegas-019342317

State of New Hampshire-066760232 City of Manchester-045009073

State of New Jersey-067373258 City of Newark-019092531

State of New Mexico-007111818 City of Albuquerque-129962346

State of New York-041002973 City of New York-021741036

State of North Carolina-830979667 City of Charlotte-809275006

State of North Dakota-098564300 City of Bismarck-080245640

State of Ohio-034309166 City of Columbus-010611869

State of Oklahoma-050411726 City of Oklahoma (City)-073131542

State of Oregon-932534998 City of Portland (Oregon)-054971197

State of Pennsylvania-933882784 City of Philadelphia-929068737

State of Rhode Island-008421763 City of Providence-069853752

State of South Carolina-067006072 City of Columbia-878281562

State of Tennessee-04143882 City of Memphis-051386258

State of Texas-002537595 City of Houston-967421590

State of Utah-009094301 City of Salt Lake City-017096780

State of Vermont-066760240 City of Burlington-037442977

State of Virginia-047850373 City of Virginia Beach-074736299

State of Washington-079248936 City of Seattle-009483561

State of West Virginia-828092515 City of Charleston (West Virginia)-197931681

State of Wisconsin-001778349 City of Milwaukee-004779133

State of Wyoming-832826015 City of Cheyenne-021917273

DUNS Numbers of the United Nations Corporation and Some of Its Major Corporate Agencies

United Nations (UN)-824777304

UN Development Program (UNDP)-793511262

UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)-053317819

UN World Food Program (UNWFP)-054023952

UN International Children’s Education Fund (UNICEF)-017698452

UN World Health Organization (WHO)-618736326

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