Public Message to Pope Francis – Stop This Madness

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

You own both the major governmental services corporations involved in this entire scandal in America —- directly, in the case of the UNITED STATES, INC., and indirectly through the Queen in the case of the USA, Inc.   You also have dictum over the Municipal Government via the City of Rome Covenants.  And you have the absolute right (and responsibility) under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate all corporations that are engaged in “unlawful” activities. 

Start with Microsoft, Inc., which has established a monopoly interest and which is engaged in deliberate planned obsolescence programs designed to force people to buy new iterations of their products,  is engaged in international spying operations, and is responsible for aiding and abetting money laundering and sales of private information.  

Follow with Facebook, Inc., Twitter, Inc., Google, Inc. and all the rest of the internet social media outlets and internet browser corporations that have censored free speech in this country– which is a crime of the First Order.  And while you are at it, liquidate the major network corporations — CNN, Fox, NBC, etc., which have censored the news and engaged in knowing politicized propaganda promoting self-interested fraud and unjust enrichment. 

Continue with liquidation of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control, Inc., and the National Institutes of Health, Inc., and the World Health Organization (WHO)  all of which are engaged in self-interested commercial fraud which is costing the world economy trillions of dollars.  

Next, liquidate the FBI, CIA, and other alphabet soup “Agencies” — none of which have any valid role or authority related to the actual government of this country, and which have acted as crime syndicates on our shores and around the world. 

Next, liquidate all the corporations involved in this election scandal worldwide. We are looking at a global election interference free-for-all and there is no excuse for it. 

Whatever it is that you are afraid of, is not justified; and whatever you think a crook like Biden or a zealot like Harris will give you, will not come to pass. 

You are being called on the carpet for all the above, not to even mention all the gross immorality of the so-called “Secular” Church—- yet another oxymoron favorite of the Simon Magus acolytes. 

So.  It’s your right, but it is also your responsibility.  If you don’t take care of business and clean up this Mess, the rest of us will do it —- for a price. 

Think long and hard about the price.

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