Let Us Stand — On This Anniversary

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska 11/22/2020

Oh, Father in Heaven, let your mercy find us even now, for we have sinned in letting the joy of our own lives distract us from the Justice you demand.  

We failed to prosecute those responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln and let scapegoats suffer instead.

We failed again when we let those who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy escape and profit themselves by his murder.  We let them blame their crimes on innocent men. 

We failed again when we turned away from fact and reason, and let the Liars tell their story about 911 and what happened at the World Trade Center. 

We failed RFK. We failed MLK. We failed the Weaver Family at Ruby Ridge. We failed the Branch Davidians at Waco. We failed LaVoy Finicum and his family, too. We have failed millions of people around the world. 

We confess it, Father.  We repent it, to our souls. 

Time after time, we have known that something was wrong, that things didn’t fit, and yes, that we were being lied to —- and yet, we did nothing.  

We let Blue Ribbon Committees paper-over the murder of the innocent and we did not pursue and punish the criminals. 

So the murderers and the liars have flourished in our midst….they have sat safe in the halls of our government and infested our military elites….they have laughed at our quaint notions of honor, loyalty, and justice. 

And now the world lies broken, and people struggle to know the difference between fact and fiction, because we turned away from righteousness.

We forgot what you expect of us, your sons and daughters….

We have not cherished Justice.  We have not cherished Truth. 

Heal our broken land, oh, Father of Man; make us whole again, make us worthy, and let us rise up and serve you.  Let truth be in our mouths and in our hearts. May justice motivate us and courage be our bulwark now and forevermore. 

May no man or power on Earth stand against us.  Let Gideon’s Army be with us.  Show us the truth and grant us the wisdom to correct our sins, so that we may no longer be deluded and misled by the Evil One. 

Let us be humble before you, Father, for our sins and our omissions are great. Our souls despair as we see our own iniquity, our selfishness, our failures…. and as we see your prophets and your kindly shepherds cast down, with no one to stand up for them —- let us stand.

Let us stand. 

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