Pile On the “Sovereign Citizen” Issue

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

FB and YouTube and certain members of the Law Enforcement Community need to be re-educated on the subject of “Sovereign Citizens”, as demonstrated by this painfully ignorant and misleading presentation: 


And as rebutted here:


So long as these “social media” corporations are so fond of fact checking and censoring it’s time to “pile on” and give them all an education. Please object to the content of the first above-referenced video from “Stars and Shield.com” —- as being contrary to our community standards.

As noted prior, the term “Sovereign Citizen” is an oxymoron — a mutually exclusive construction, as one cannot act in a sovereign capacity and as a citizen at the same time. The authority of one will not tolerate the capacity of the other, — provided, of course, that you know what “sovereignty” is and what “citizenship” implies.

Ironically, the only persons engaged in being or acting as “Sovereign Citizens” are our own misguided Public Employees and Government Contractors, such as this above-referenced and woe-begotten LEO “Sheriff” of the District Assembly in Florida.

They imagine that they can act as Rulers over the General Public, while at the same time being Public Servants and taking their paychecks from our hands. And that is the exact contradiction that “Sovereign Citizenship” implies.

They are themselves attempting to act as “Sovereign Citizens”.

And once again, we observe the modus operandi of the Mind Control Forces at work, as they pretend to be what they are not, and act in the capacity of what they appear to condemn.

They are standing there on their little flat feet condemning “Sovereign Citizens”, — apparently blissfully unaware that they are condemning themselves and what they are themselves engaged in— and that is, to establish a government in which hired Public Employees (from the Governor on down) rule over the people who pay them to provide other services entirely.

Please note that no American ever signed a contract or agreement of any kind hiring any public employee to create rules related to their own health, medicine, or public health. None of these topics are covered by any Constitution. Not at the Federal level and not at the State of State franchise level.They have no granted authority from the American Public to do any of the nonsense they have been pushing with Covid-19 at all.

It remains for each one of you to declare your birthright political status and join your State Assembly to enforce Amendment X, which clearly reserves our right to determine our own health and medical practices without their interference.

Our hired employees have no such authority related to us or our families or our schools or any public corporation that has been constructed under the auspices of our government or in our names or the names of our States or our Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.

Time to remember who we are and remind all of them who they are, too.

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