Communist China — The Last Bastion of Freedom?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

It sounds preposterous, I know.  The whole concept seems impossibly converted, and yet, we are living in a world where black is white and up is down.  I’ve learned something odd about this odd world, and it’s time to share it on. 

The Chinese never sold their people as “assets” to the central bankers. 

FDR sold the Municipal citizens of the United States back in 1933.  Hardly anyone knew this at the time.  Except for a scant mention in his First Inaugural Speech, even the victims were given no notice.  

And from there, by an unlawful, foreign, and undisclosed process of “assumption” the bankers and their minions wiggled forward year by year, kidnapping and conscripting more and more Americans under color of law, until there was hardly anyone (when we started) who was claiming their birthright political status anymore– according to them.  

And that meant they owned us.  That meant they would loan the rats in Washington, DC, more credit based on the value of our labor and our private property holdings.  And we would live our lives as slaves and never even know that our homes and farms and businesses were no longer our own.  Our lives were no longer our own.  Our labor was no longer our own.   

Because our purported Masters in DC sold us as slaves to the central banks as the assets backing their debts. 

But China never did that, China, poor as it was, turned away from this betrayal of their people and was not impressed by the banker’s song and dance of money made out of thin air, backed, of course, by the labor and possessions of other people.  

And that is why China is such a plum.  And that is why, now that the birth certificate fraud has been discovered, the bankers and politicians are so anxious to find a new means to claim ownership of you and your assets — by injecting patented mRNA into your genome and “converting” you into a “GMO product”.  

I want to retch.  But more importantly, I want those bankers and the corporations supporting their bid to do this, recognized as international criminals.  I want the audacity and criminality of what they are proposing to do to be recognized worldwide.  And I want these criminals not only stopped dead in their tracks, I want them in jail.  Now.  

But it is up to you, too.  It’s up to all of you to wake up.  It’s up to the Chinese to realize that they have been targeted and why.  It’s up to Americans to wake up and realize what these rats are proposing to do under cover of a health emergency—- and why.  
The death tolls from respiratory illness this last year  are more or less the same as all other years. Look at the facts.  Look at the numbers. 

You have to shake these vermin off your shoulders.  You have to wake up. We are already living in a world where Communist China is the last major free nation.  And if we don’t want to go down the drain with a flourish, it’s time to change the patent laws and hold the corporations and the banks accountable.

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