Stop Believing

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Let’s go back in our minds to 1972 and the Watergate Scandal. President Nixon’s Republican Campaign spied on the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington, DC.

This bungled attempt to obtain intel on the Democratic Party’s election strategy led to two years of newspaper exposes and snarking that led to Nixon’s resignation.

It was a nasty, divisive, and in the end, damaging experience, for all concerned.

I was in my late teens and remember it well, so I can tell you with certainty that the issues and the corruption we are facing now are 100,000 times worse than anything we saw during Watergate.

Following the natural law that we become whatever we hate and fear, the Democrats have become the monsters and have so far out-stripped Tricky Dick that comparison seems futile.

A couple of burglars bumbling around an office in the dead of night just doesn’t compare to a multinational computerized vote rigging scheme involving multiple foreign countries and traitors at the helm of our intelligence agencies.

It’s like comparing Mickey Mouse to Godzilla.

Yet, we shouldn’t be surprised. This is, after all, the President who suffered four years of unrelenting and completely unjustified accusations of “Russian collusion” from the same overtly biased (and foreign) Press Corps that has now — completely without authority — “declared” the election of Joe Biden.

If we were outraged and if our faith was undermined then by Watergate, we should be far more outraged today, and if we had any faith in what purports to be “American Journalism” the last vestiges of that should be gone now, too.

Not only did the Press Corps falsely report, inflate, and perpetuate the bogus Russian collusion story—- and then fall silent without an apology, either to President Trump or the American People, they’ve ginned up the triumph of Joe Biden out of thin air and attempted to substitute themselves for the Electoral College.

And after weeks of spouting that there is “no evidence” of election fraud, when faced with absolute proof of election fraud, these same self-important and dishonest excuses-for-journalists refuse to face facts and cover the actual news. And you are left asking — how could this be?

How could any of it be?

Well, it’s really quite simple. The CIA used techniques and technology that it developed to commandeer foreign elections on us. We let them act as criminals and let them interfere in the electoral process of other nations, so they lost track of what is right and wrong, and simply used their bag of tricks here at home.

Criminality breeds. Lack of moral compass comes home to roost. Whatever you do to others, comes back to you. It’s called karma. And what appears to be bad luck or the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate is actually the comeback.

We let the Southern Democrats re-enslave the freed black plantation slaves as “public property” in the wake of the Civil War, so using the same basic scheme, they and their Republican Helpers, have endeavored to set up a double-ended impersonation scheme and enslave everyone else, too.

We let the banks provide their own oversight, and guess what? After they got done stealing everything they could steal by creating the Great Depression, they took the same playbook and created (or are trying to create) the Great Pandemic — so that once again, they can come in and buy up everything for pennies on the dollar.

Now that you see how this works, is it any wonder that the corrupt CIA thought nothing of off-shoring and digitally commandeering an American Presidential Election?

And as for the journalists and their stunning lack of performance as journalists, that is easy to explain, too. They are 100% owned— lock, stock, and barrel, by six foreign media conglomerates. Except for the independent efforts of alternative media, there is no American Press Corps.

There is an Internationalist Press Corps, instead, using our airwaves, our schools, and our own universities to promote “globalism” — that is, Corporate Feudalism, and all the dreary lies and profit-motives that entails.

To quote Malcolm X, “Only a fool lets his enemy educate his children.” and to paraphrase, only fools let foreigners own and operate their news sources.

All those media corporations need to be nationalized and their assets sold off to American companies. All the False Shepherds and Talking Heads need to be fired, not eligible for rehire.

Control of the schools needs to be handed back to local communities and all the Public Employee Unions including the National Education Association need to go away. Bye-bye.

All the professions need to be “de-politicized”. No more American Medical Association. No more Bar Associations. No more “Special Interests” controlling entire sectors of our economy.

The CIA needs to be shut down. The FBI needs new management and probably new ownership, too.

And all the corrupt and compromised senior officers in the U.S. Military who contributed to this, need to pay the Piper for what they’ve done— and tried to do— to their own country and countrymen.

Long-overdue punishment needs to be meted out, and all the foreign corporations need proof that we are serious about protecting our national interests.

All it really requires is choosing a target and taking one of these monster corporations to task. How about Microsoft? Everybody hates them. Or Bayer-Monsanto? Ditto-ditto. We need to pull their charters for unlawful activities on our shores, and bust them up into a million little pieces, confiscate all their assets and distribute the spoils to loyal (and sane) American companies.

Do that once, and do a good job of it, and like magic, all the erring corporations and their board members fall in line. The looming spectre of Corporate Feudalism fades away back to where it belongs in the realm of Robber Baron fantasies.

And as for the banks and the “Pandemic”— that needs to be cut a very short shrift, too.

Don’t bother writing to “your” Congressmen. Start nailing down the local leadership, where you can button-hole the rats and stare them eye-to-eye. And don’t wait. Point out what these lousy banks are doing —- again. Let them know that you’re not fooled.

Just kick back on your heel and ask, “Did you know that the total average number of deaths per quarter is the same as ever? How can that be, in the midst of a terrible pandemic? Did heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and old age all magically disappear?”

Then demand an end to the “Pandemic” and new management and new oversight for the banks, from the World Bank on down, because it is clear what they are doing and what they are aiming at.

They want to take down the dollar and they want to buy up America for a song.

It is up to me and you to Stop Believing. Just look at what is in front of your face, and stop.

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