So Now, Will Canada Be Allowed….

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

As we have seen for years now, the criminals have been allowed to come out and play in broad daylight, because all the expensive and mostly useless government agencies have been misdirected and misinformed right along with local police forces.

And the problem with this, aside from the fact that we are paying for something we aren’t getting, and receiving something that is detrimental to us, instead—- is that in such an environment, crime spreads like a disease. Criminality, criminal thought processes, lying, cheating, bullying, exploitation— all these evils flourish until people take them for granted.

In such an environment, people commit heinous crimes and are so ignorant and inured to crime that they don’t even know that they are committing crimes.

Like the County Governments in Oklahoma keeping “Kickback Books” back in the 1980’s, only much, much worse.

The last few days I’ve explained the importance and value of the Nuremberg Code restrictions on forced medical procedures— Article 6, Sections 1 and 3, are especially clear and adamant.

Some people have questioned— does the Nuremberg Code apply to us? Yes, it does.

Because every State of the Union is a nation-state, relationships, agreements and contracts between states are of an international character and take place under international law. The same is true of interactions with the Federal Subcontractors. They are all foreign with respect to the States and interactions with them take place under international law.

So the Nuremberg Code, God bless it, does apply. And it does forbid non-consensual medical procedures and therapies in all cases where people are able to receive full disclosure and either grant or refuse to grant their consent.

Canada was an official Ally in the Second World War and Party to the Nuremberg Trials and signatory to the resulting Nuremberg Code, yet today we are told that Justin Trudeau is instituting a forced program of vaccination in Canada.

The question is, will Trudeau’s Government be allowed to take this action which is flagrantly in violation of the Nuremberg Code and flagrantly criminal in nature? Or will the members of the United Nations call, “Foul!” and stand up against this gross trespass against basic individual human rights?

Remember, always, that no claim of “emergency” stands against the Public Law, meaning that Trudeau cannot lawfully or legally claim any Ultra Vires right or regulatory authority based on the existence of any purported emergency, including a public health emergency.

If Canadians didn’t explicitly give Trudeau authority to wipe their butts, he doesn’t have that authority and can’t exercise it. He can’t wipe their noses, either. And he can’t “require” any vaccinations. He also can’t threaten to deny or to withhold any common right, like the right to travel or to have access to public facilities, in order to coerce consent to forced vaccinations.

The ball is in the air. Will the world sink into complete, utter, abject criminality at the hands of dictatorial corporate CEOs, or will we all wake up and shove it down their throats?

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