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From the Desk of Mark Emery | Panama City, Panama

From the NY Times yesterday (Tuesday)

I thought you’d like to know!   Have a great day! 
Hey David,
Look, I’m not in the news business but when I started connecting the dots on this one I just had to share it.   This will blow you away! 
See if you can connect the dots here. 
Yesterday came out with this story: 
Joe Biden’s Team Won’t Allow Pool Reporters to See Biden Go In or Leave Doctor Appointment After He Twists His Ankle – No Explanation Given

The story goes that he twisted his ankle playing with his dog.  Me thinks it’s highly unlikely.  He can barely walk in the first place.  
Gee.   I wonder if he’s going to have to put an ‘orthopedic boot’ on to heal his foot?
Why were reporters blocked from viewing his entry to the doctor?   Maybe because he’s only as good at faking a limp as he is reading a teleprompter?
Now that I think of it… John McCain had a boot on his injured foot not too long ago before he was secretly executed for treason for his acts in helping form ISIS.   It’s funny how one day he got up and got dressed and put the boot on his ‘uninjured’ good foot.  He just got mixed up.  Ahh those old guys!!  

He then had to come up with an explanation for the press why his ‘orthopedic boot’ was on his good foot and not his bad one.  Here’s the article:  McCain explains why his boot was on a different foot 
Funny thing is…. as pure coincidence and bad luck would have it….Hillary had a similar ‘accident’ and had to wear an almost identical boot for some time!  Those darned politicians!  They just frolic around too much for their own good!   See below….
Or is it more likely a monitoring device disguised as an orthopedic boot to try and hide the obvious?  
So when touchy feely Joey comes out of the doctor’s office, let’s see what the ol’ doc wants to do about healing his foot!
Now, on another note, we all know Bidens ties to China.  When this Chinese whistleblower tell us that Biden knows he lost the election.  He also knows that when the election of Trump is confirmed, that his ‘Ass is Grass’.  The whistleblower says he will concede to Trump IF Trump gives him and his family a pardon for his crimes in selling out the country and committing high crimes and treason of the highest order .
Is that too far fetched to believe?  
You be the judge.  
Listen to the whistleblower in this clip.  
You can confirm it yourself in touchy, feely Joey’s next public appearance.   Let’s see how his ‘foot’ is doing! 
Sleep well! 
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