Yes, You DO Need Paperwork

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Why? Can’t everyone see that I am American?  I was born here, grew up here, went to school here, got married here, raised my family here, worked here all my life, hell, I’m fixing to die here!  What’s all this nonsense about me having to prove that I’m an American?   If I am not an American, what do you THINK I am?

Well, folks, that’s just it.  You let others think whatever they wanted to THINK about you.  And they “presumed upon you” however they liked.  It suited their sense of humor and their pocketbooks to “presume” that you were a “taxpayer” and that you were a foreigner in this country.  So they did. 

They “put you down” as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen and they “registered” your birth event.  Then, a bit later, they identified you as a CORPORATION being run under your own NAME, subject to the laws of the Municipality of Washington, DC, and owned as a franchise of a huge Municipal Corporation doing business as the US, INC. 

Then, after they “presumed” upon you, they “imposed” upon you, and “presumed” some more.  They “presumed” that you were a “TAXPAYER” and also “presumed” that you were a foreigner unable to own your own land in this country and could only “hold a title” to land, oh, and then, they “presumed” that you owed war reparations and that you had to pay a mortgage off for them, and they also “presumed” that you were a slave subject to Municipal “law” and Territorial “statute” —- both.  

And to collect on all these debts that they “presumed” that you owed to them, they hired scads of revenue officers —- traffic cops, regulators, internal revenue agents, and agency personnel — to track you like an animal and force you to pay up and confiscate your homes and businesses if you objected. 

They subjected you to their laws, not yours. 

They evaded the Constitutional Guarantees they owed you from Day One of your existence.  

They have robbed you, abused you, and trampled on you for your entire life and it is all because your Mother unknowingly allowed them to “presume” that you were a U.S. Citizen. 

That “legal presumption” was immortalized as a “Certificate of Live Birth” and that document trafficked you into the foreign jurisdiction of the Territorial United States, and from there, trafficked you again into the even more foreign jurisdiction of the Municipal United States—– jurisdictions that are as foreign to you as Morocco is foreign to France.  

You’ve been shanghaied.  You are in the equivalent of the French Foreign Legion.  Hope you like that status and line of work, boy, because that’s all they have planned for you.  Work and tax you, their Employer, to death, and then gobble up your estate for their own benefit.

And the traitors have been pulling this off on your families for 150 years.  No wonder they think Americans are the stupidest dumb beasts that ever roamed the Earth and imagine that they can just continue this situation indefinitely.  

Why?  Because they have signed paperwork from your own Mother and her doctor, no less, saying that you are a U.S. Citizen.  And from that one presumption all the rest of their presumptions flow.   And you haven’t been awake enough to even stand up for yourself and say, no, I’m not a U.S. Citizen. I don’t work for the Federal Government.  I’m not British.  

Wake up and get moving. 

You do have to put your actual political status on the public record to rebut all these cozy “presumptions” these A-holes have made about you, to counteract and counterclaim their paperwork that says you are a U.S. Citizen and a TAXPAYER and all the rest of these outrageous self-serving, right-denying and obligation-evading “presumptions” being made by your EMPLOYEES about you. 

Yes, wake up and get moving.  And don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need and don’t have to do any paperwork to rebut these ugly legal presumptions.  

You don’t have to step off the train tracks, either. You can just stand there until the 5:40 comes by and splatters you into atoms spread over a country mile. 

And just because someone says my name, don’t think it came from me or that I put the seal of approval on everything they are saying, because I didn’t.  There are many who “come in my name” who are just grifters and ignoramuses attempting to capitalize on my work.  

So full alert, Shinola Sensors on High.

Go to: and do your paperwork today.  

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