Re-Labeling and Re-Branding – Tricks of Corporate Propagandists

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

This past week I took time to show you an example of “Dissembling” and how that trick of the propaganda masters works, and how they use dissembling to make up new or totally unimportant arguments as a distraction away from the truth or the actual issue under discussion.

In that case, they were trying to claim that The Nuremberg Code only applies to “experimental medicine”, when in fact the Code says exactly what it applies to and it applies to all medical procedures and therapies.

See the sleight of hand? The “re-framing” of the information to make it appear to mean something else? And the dishonesty involved, too?

Yes, it is dishonesty, because I quoted the actual Code and wrote it down word-for-word and anyone who actually reads the words knows what it says and what it applies to. There no honest argument possible, so they had to turn to dishonesty and try to “re-direct” the information to different erroneous conclusions.

There was no excuse in the context of the discussion to claim anything else or different, but they did so in an attempt to obfuscate the simple truth and artificially limit the application of The Nuremberg Code, which fully admits and supports our absolute right to refuse any forced medical procedure or therapy, including forced vaccination.

The Nazis didn’t like it then and they don’t like it now, but there it is.

This same process of twisting and re-directing information and the meaning of information is demonstrated again by both “re-labeling” and “re-branding” information.

With “re-branding” if a product doesn’t succeed under one name or logo, the company promoting it simply renames and comes up with a new “package” for it. Crispy Critter Cutlets becomes Kansas City Steaks. The cute patchwork cut-outs of cows on the package becomes a black and white rendition of a red-eyed bull —- and voila, the product is the same, but the name and package, the “brand” has changed, and the market will reliably react to this change.

The name Nationalist Socialist Party (yet another oxymoron) has already been used by the Nazis unsuccessfully, so they just “adopted” the Democratic Party —which was already full of zealous micro-managers of other people’s business and assorted self-interested, pompous, not-so-bright hypocrites— instead.

The Swastika turned into a donkey. And there you have it, the old Nazi Party successfully re-branded. Just as crooked and evil as ever. It looks completely different— blue donkeys instead of red swastikas— and so, it all seems familiar, but…. it’s familiar as the old Nazi group-think oppression, not anything akin to JFK’s brand of Democrat.

So, people think they are electing Democrats, and it says “Democrat” on the package, but—- Presto-change-o! That’s what re-branding does — sells crap under a new “package” presentation. And sometimes, they just steal an already successful brand, like “Democratic Party”, and stuff their junk inside of it.

What do you think happened when a Korean company famous for putting out cheap tools using pot metal instead of steel bought Stanley Tools?

Please note that successful products that people actually want, don’t do re-branding. Cheerios, for example, have come in that same (successful) yellow package since before I was born. Successful products don’t need to re-brand and aren’t helped by re-branding.

So you can take it to the bank that when people are engaged in “re-branding” anything, from hamburger to political parties, there’s failure at the bottom of it.

Until you realize that the “Democratic Party” has been used to re-brand something entirely different, you will be confused. You will think you are buying a Ford, because that is what the label and logo say, when in fact you are buying a Volkswagon Beetle calling itself a Mustang.

Ask yourself—-

Does today’s Democratic Party have even the least little bit of a resemblance to the fair-minded and intelligent and yes, honest, organization led by JFK and RFK?

Re-Labeling is similar to re-branding, in that the intent is to obscure the identity of something and “change it out” for something else. Death becomes “passing on”. A gas tank becomes a fuel tank which morphs into a hazardous substance container. “Gay” becomes LGBT. People become Persons. A newspaper becomes a “bird rag”. A toothbrush is a fang polisher. A man is transformed into a male, meaning an animal of the male gender. And each one of these “re-labelings” subtly changes the color or meaning or both.

Re-labeling, like re-branding, is routinely used for dishonest purposes, to make things appear in a different light or context, to limit or change meaning, or to distort reality— sometimes for criminal purposes.

Have you noticed that both the Common Cold and the Flu have disappeared? So has bronchial pneumonia. So has asthma. So has cancer, diabetes and COPD, emphysema, and arteriosclerosis. But don’t go dancing through the streets shouting, “Heart disease no longer exists! Yay! We don’t call it “heart disease” anymore, so it’s gone!”. Because Heart Disease isn’t gone.

And all those people are still in fact dying of Heart Disease, even if they call it Poopsidoopsie Virus. In this case, re-labeling is being used to “juice things up” and generate false death statistics and inflated horror stories.

“Twenty-five million people dead as a result of Poopsidoopsie Virus! [And Heart Disease and Diabetes, and COPD, and…]”

“Poopsidoopsie Virus is .00025% more contagious than the Common Cold! We need a total lockdown!”

Read all about it. And marvel at the gross irresponsibility and lack of professionalism motivating every word and deed of the supposed-to-be “American” Press Corps.

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