Intelligence Insider: Joe Biden Will Cut Deal With Trump To Avoid Jail And Deep State Arrests To Follow

December 7, 2020: According to Dr. Steve Pieczenik: …This is a sting operation out of cyber command. The left is ineffective, corrupt individuals who have been in power for 30 to 40 years, and have destroyed… This wasn’t an accident, it was already preplanned. When Trump came in he did a national emergency order…2019…the will and the power is there as well as the forces.

…We have cyber designations on every ballot as well as every machine – we know where they are. We knew about Dominion, we know about SmartMatic – we have already deployed countless numbers of soldiers all over the United States. I think in Fort Hood, Texas and other places there will be major deployment of American soldiers.   

We are not relying on local police, we are literally relying on our military to basically cull-out what the CIA and other selcular institutions have been doing in terms of running this country. 

The corruption was well know by Trump. It was also known by many of us in military intelligence and other areas way back in terms of Hillary Clinton, that’s why she did not come in and we are running now the sting operation. So Trump is here to stay, he’s not going anywhere. And in the Georgia speech he made clear that there’s no way that he’s leaving; there’s no way he will allow any of this corruption to continue. And Basically what he’s doing is a revolution and that’s really what we’re in. I don’t want to call it a Second Civil War, but basically it is a state of emergency so to speak where Trump anticipated this, used our braved men in the intelligence community to preempt Joe Biden and all the other people of the Democratic side. I think Biden understands this. I think he had a pretty good idea that he’s under indictment, his son (Hunter Biden) is – and my suspicion is that Joe Biden will resign as will his son because either or both might go to prison. My suspicion is Trump will remain, he will be president for the next 8 years – and Biden will concede and somewhere there will be remuneration.

Owen: You said 8 years. Is that intentional?

Pieczenik: Yes. It’s not a Floydian slip. I do not believe in Floyd.

Owen: So is that based on the fact that for 4 years they have been sabotaging the Trump agenda with all their fraud? (i.e. Russiagate, the Steele dossier, etc.) Is that how he would legitimized 4 more years?

Pieczenik: It’s not just 4 more years of his administration, he would legitimized it simply because he came in understanding very well that he was there to become the best president we have ever had. …And he knows that he could not have accomplished everything he wanted in the first 4 years. So he needs another 4 years and he wants to position Pence and others in the Republican Party to have another 4 years beyond that. So what I’m talking about is not just another 4 years and the past 4 years, – I am talking about another 8 years. And that’s exactly what he has in mind.

Trump is the first president in the 20th century to say, I will not allow any form of corruption to exist in our voting system. Simple as that. And I will remain in power.

President Trump utilized all the men and women in our intelligence community and the White House…special forces – these are names I told you about before but they are quiet, these are the real heroes… And as Adam Curry said on one of his shows, they are not going to televise The Revolution.

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