The Present Situation

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Some people have been alarmed and calling me this morning asking, “How can Pennsylvania sue PENNSYLVANIA?” 

There are two foreign Subcontractors, which are both for-profit, foreign-owned commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, —- and one is suing the other. 

The British Territorial United States retained under The Constitution of the United States of America and its “State of State” organizations are the ones operating “the” State of Pennsylvania. 

They are suing their Municipal United States counterpart which was retained under The Constitution of the United States, and its “STATE OF STATE” organization operating “the” STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. 

And that is how Pennsylvania can sue PENNSYLVANIA. 

This can only happen in what they call “Original Jurisdiction” where there is an argument between foreign states, in this case, states-of-states.  Both these governments are foreign to each other, and foreign to us, too. 

Upshot? Yes, there are multiple things out there calling themselves “Pennsylvania”, but there is only one actual Pennsylvania, our Pennsylvania, the one with rocks and trees and rivers. 

All these other things calling themselves “Pennsylvania” are business organizations that are more properly called “states-of-states”.  They are also called “Confederate States”– and it is this that causes the confusion, because you don’t know if you are talking about an actual State or a Confederate “State” except from context. 

In actuality, the Territorial State of Pennsylvania is suing the Municipal STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA —- and we, the people of the actual State known as Pennsylvania, are watching our Subcontractors square off and fight over how they are going to dispose of our country in our purported absence.

So, if you aren’t “absent” it’s high time that you weighed in and told your Employees what to do. 

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