Haven’t You Heard?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

All that PARSE SYNTAX crap is just a re-run of a very old fraud scheme first used by the Roman Emperor Justinian. 

Go to YouTube and start listening to the vast amount of research done by Romley Steward, the Australian most responsible for raising the alarm and bringing forward the history.  Look for “The Justinian Deception”. 

Mr. Christopher is just another acolyte of David-Wynn:Miller, and unfortunately, despite some of his criticisms being very true, David-Wynn and Russell Gould were not and are not being honest.  

Besides, our Official Language is English, not some cobbled together and privately copyrighted (by Russell Gould) version of Dog Latin.  If people use his language, they become subject to him and owe him and have to obey him for the use of his language.  It’s another scam, David. 

And if they have anything to say about the opening of FEMA Camps, it’s not going to be good news for any American Patriots I know. 

Finally, it should leap out at you that anything established in 1775 — the year PRIOR to the Declaration, exists outside of the authority established by the Declaration, and is therefore another foreign entity that has nothing to do with us.  

The Declaration of Independence is what this country is founded upon. Anything that comes before that, is foreign with respect to us, Americans. 

If you have any questions about this, Dave, I would hope you would contact me directly. 

Anna Maria

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