Don’t Believe the UK is Knackered?

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Please understand that when I talk about “the Brits” being at the bottom of the dogpile – predictably — each and every time there is trouble in the world, I am not talking about the people of Great Britain. I am not even talking about their military, nor, for the main part, about their Secret Service.

I am talking about the unaccountable and criminal portion of their government that operates in the background in the same way that the so-called “Deep State” operates here. Normal people in Britain are just as clueless and unaware of this Hidden Hand as people have been here, and they are just as innocent of any wrong-doing associated with the actions of this entity.

Let us for a moment regard what I call “The Fundamental Problem” which is a paradox of sorts.

The only reason a government is needed, and the only valid cause for the existence of any government, is to protect the people and the assets of a particular nation.

A “nation” is not the same thing as a “country” — the concept of nation involves the living population, the Body Politic, in control of a country; so, while a government may indeed be protecting rocks and trees and rivers belonging to the people of a country, the real object of government is to protect the people and their assets, with the country being part of their assets.

The people of America and the persons inhabiting “the Territorial and Municipal United States” who provide us with governmental services make up two completely separate populations, two different Body Politics.

The so-called District Governments, both Territorial [Commonwealth] and Municipal, are subcontractors who are supposed to be working for us according to the terms and conditions of their respective Constitutions— but the real take-home message is that they are not us, even though they are often born here, and look and speak and seem to be as “American” as anyone else.

The evil world-spanning interlocking trust directorate in control of the Municipal Government of Washington, DC, went completely rogue in the 1930’s and has continued to be misdirected in pursuit of criminal aims and unbridled profiteering ever since. This is what is commonly called “the US” and we, Americans, who have been victims of it like everyone else, are being blamed for its actions.

In the same way, the people of Britain are being blamed for the actions of “the UK”, and its manifestation, the British Crown Corporation, which has for the most part the same kind of relationship with them that “the US” has with us.

Over the years, both these organizations have been piecemealed out and their functions have been “privatized” and “consolidated” until now, when they have been converted (again) from operating as upfront commercial corporations to operating as Limited Liability Corporations — LLC’s.

This has been done to limit their liability and their accountability, economic and otherwise, to their employers. We’ve already discovered the paperwork for “the US” conversion, and here is the paperwork for the UK conversion:…

And all of this takes us back to the Fundamental Problem.

We hire governments to protect us and our assets, but without our direct involvement in their day to day operations, and without our constant monitoring and disciplining, these organizations devolve into Protection Rackets very easily and you can see why.

In order to act “for” you and protect you, they have to be given a certain amount of control over you, and therein lies the rub and the Great Temptation to steal from their employers and coerce their employers and misrepresent their employers.

Thus we had FDR’s thugs going around and collecting privately held gold from Americans in the 1930’s, and thus we are facing the possibility of more Municipal Government thugs showing up on our doorsteps with needles in hand, ready to “claim and earmark us” in a process akin to branding cattle.

Our recourse is to outlaw these activities and these commercial claims based on illegal and immoral Patents which have been issued “in error” by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which has, in turn, been mismanaged and misdirected by SERCO — a private organization that has no valid authority delegated or otherwise— to issue Patents here.

Our further recourse is to liquidate the corporations responsible, including SERCO, Microsoft, the Pirbright Institute, NIH, CDC, and so on.

So when I talk about “the Brits” being responsible for this entire Mess, understand that it isn’t the British people who are at fault, nor is it the American people at fault.

This is the fault of the “for hire” government instrumentalities, the Roman Curia, successive Popes, and the various politicians and officials who have engaged in racketeering against their own people.

These incorporated organizations have used and abused their own employers and devolved into Protection Rackets, and they are now trying to protect themselves both from their enraged employers and from all the other people around the world that they have been abusing “in the name” of their employers.

Their only way out is to clean up their act and steer a straight line, but that is not what some of the “Management” of these organizations propose. Instead, they offer a scheme by which the Chinese are pitted against the Americans, which gets rid of two pesky problems for them: the uncontrollable population growth of China and China’s unbridled pollution of the environment, plus getting rid of their Priority Creditors, all in one stroke.

Let the Chinese take heed that they are being played, and not by us.

Let the people of Britain and every other country in the world be aware that all these “governmental services corporations” that are members of the UN CORP are rogue and all are engaged in criminal racketeering against their employers, —and all are acting under the concerted direction of the owner/operators of the UN CORP, which includes the Pope and some very, very unsavory European and Asian Businessmen.

This problem exists because the various Popes and the Roman Curia have failed to oversee the corporations and liquidate those that are operating for unlawful purposes. They have gleefully joined in the profiteering, instead.

This means that the people of each country must be awakened and clued in and organized to take equally concerted action to liquidate the offending corporations which have been chartered “in their names” and to outlaw profit-making from unlawful activities, and especially, to outlaw commercial claims based on unlawful and illegal patents that have been issued without granted authority “in our names”.

GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED - Filing history (free information from Companies House)



(free information from Companies House)

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