Question 2 — The Money Situation

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

People are constantly contacting me asking what to do with their money and/or investments. The first thing to understand about money is that unless it is rendered in a form that has actual market value in and of itself, for example, as gold and silver coins — it doesn’t actually exist. It’s just a representation of money known as a commercial script.

The second thing you need to know about money is that it is a commodity just like rice and soybeans.

It is a commodity that is supposed to be produced by sober and responsible fiduciary deputies acting for the Public Good, and when it is properly produced and the amount of it is regulated, it functions like manure on a corn crop.

If, however, the power to literally “make money” is abused, one of two things invariably happens: too much money is produced, resulting in inflation, or, too little money is produced, resulting in deflation.

The original purpose of the Federal Reserve was to remove the responsibility of controlling money production from our remaining Federal Subcontractors, who inherited the job from our lawful Fiduciary Deputies following the Civil War. They had proven to be derelict and it was felt that placing this function in the hands of professionals would benefit all concerned.

Best made plans of mice and men….

The Federal Reserve was then corrupted, too.

It seems that the corrosive power of money knows no bounds, and the power to gin up money out of thin air— the commodity production end of it — is even more corrosive.

One of the safeguards put in place was that the Federal Reserve could not mess with our actual money, the American Silver Dollar.

They could only issue military script based on assets belonging to the British Territorial United States and to members of the military and their dependents, whose assets were entered into trust and managed during their tours of duty.

FDR bulked this asset base up by illegally confiscating 6,000 tons of privately held American gold under color of law and armed force.

The Federal Reserve issued “Silver Certificates” from 1913 to 1971, and then everything flipped over to the Petrodollar and oil became the commodity basis for international trade purposes.

Many people have believed that the oil was principally the product of the Middle East and that we were selling out to the devil. This impression was bolstered by endless discussion and repetition of the idea that “the US” was energy dependent on OPEC.

In fact, our American oil resources dwarf the Middle Eastern reserves and we had all the refinery capacity, so while we were the world’s Number One importer of crude oil, we were at the same time the world’s Number One exporter of refined oil products. Go figure.

We are now still second or third on the list of top oil exporting countries.

So that is a brief history of our actual commodity-backed money, the American Gold Eagles, the American Silver Dollars, and the Petrodollar.

But what of the commercial script, which is and always was a military script, the so-called “USD”, a form of Promissory Note issued by the Federal Reserve? From 1913 to present, it has been ruthlessly manipulated and inflated, then deflated, then inflated, then deflated, just as Thomas Jefferson predicted, and the people and institutions responsible for it became despicably corrupt.

What to do? At this point, I’d invest in you. Invest in your health. Your happiness. Your family. Fix up your house, stock your larder, take good care of your car. Go to the dentist. Take care of veterinary needs. Renew and sustain your relationship with the True God.

I’d do my paperwork and record my actual political status and join my State Assembly. I’d love everyone I love that much more dearly, and spread the word to everyone else, so that we all know what is going on and are on the same page.

America has been cheated by its purported WWII Allies, and now, these same parties—who owe their continued existence to us—- are trying to hire Red China to come against us as mercenaries.

It has apparently not occurred to the Chinese that these same people have axes to grind with them about over-population and about their environmental destruction, and that this is one way the Pontiff and the Brits can get rid of half a billion Chinese — and sit there, innocent as the flowers in May, sanctimoniously blaming the Chinese and us for it.

And it hasn’t occurred to our military that they’ve been sold out and have only their much abused employers to fall back on and a lot of housecleaning to do.

Anyway, folks, there is no safe haven in gold or silver, and certainly none in the stock market. When the puppet show collapses, and it will, it will go down in a mighty “Kerplumpf!” — and all the bankers who have manipulated and gouged and cheated and imagined that they were so very much smarter than everyone else, will live to see their products on the shelf and themselves in jail.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Question.

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