Question One — The Pandemic

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

In Europe they are fond of fancy cakes with many, many layers of cake sandwiched between layers of various fillings — nut fillings, jam fillings, frosting fillings and so on.  These are very rich and delicious, but loaded with fats and calories, because each layer is its own kind of treat and adds its own flavor. 

Here we have exactly such a “cake” of multi-layered crimes and lies, all contributing their own flavor to the end result:  Garbage Gateau. 

This morning the questions have been pouring in hot and heavy.  What’s true?  How to deal with it?  

Question One: The Pandemic

There is no pandemic.  The total death statistics are exactly the same. 

This proves beyond doubt that “the pandemic” is a giant lie being promoted by the self-interested commercial corporations that are illegally seeking to “harvest” you.  Their words, not mine.  

So the danger is that you will not realize who and what you are dealing with, and so, will fall into their trap and become a victim of their schemes. 

These foreign corporations are acting under color of law and are pretending to be your government, when in fact they are nothing but Subcontractors abusing delegated powers. 

The madmen in charge of these corporations are so deranged that they think they can avoid karma. 

The solution?  Just say no.  Nancy Reagan was the only one to give us good advice in the last 100 years. 

Remember that to save themselves, they always have to provide remedy. 

In this case, the remedy they have provided is that anyone who is allergic to any of the components of the vaccines can decline receiving them.  As it happens, we are all allergic to all of the components of these vaccines, except table salt.  We are all allergic to polyethylene glycol. We are all allergic to foreign Messenger RNA and foreign DNA.  The list goes on.

End of problem and end of their scheme, so long as we all know this and have sense enough to invoke it.  Pretend you are Woody Allen: “I’m allergic to everything.”  

So observe the facts and spread the word.  The lives of friends and family members depend on it. 

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