To all Patriots going to D.C.

by Robert-dean: House

The DeFacto corporate president is calling for all Patriots, as defined in Webster’s 1828 dictionary, to rally for a good cause. 

Speaking as one of the true Patriots who wishes to see all United People return to “We the People” under Common Law of Self Governance, is this not what Trump wants also? 

How about Alex Jones and others?  Why are they not talking about our country once being a form of Republic under Common Law?

Our fight is not against truth and good but against all lies and evil just as statutes and codes represent color of law and supports lies and evil under our consent. And all Attorney and Judges support statutes and codes with their instruments of many languages to deceive the Patriots through consent.

To all Patriots going to D.C. please deliver this message, “We want our form of Republic back under Common Law of, We the People”. 

“Remember Pakistan in 2007”.  What they did to all Attorneys. 

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