A Message for “Christians” at “Christmas”

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

God searches the heart — he knows, as the Irish say, “the All of it”. There is no way to hide from the True God — to whom all the details are fully and explicitly known.

Your thoughts, your secret motives, the pressures being placed on you, the circumstances of your lives that you wrestle with, your temptations, how you handle them, and most of all, what you value, what you truly desire. All of that is known about you and has been known all your life.

Indeed, you were known before you were born, and all that has followed has been your hand-tailored refinement in the Refiner’s fire, your “milling out” by the Great Millstones of God, so that you are made and remade into a purer and more constant vision of your Highest Self.

So there is no reason to lie about anything. It is what it is, and as the truth is known, the only purpose in lying is to embarrass yourself before God.

The name of Jesus isn’t Jesus. It’s Joshua.

If he were walking down the street in front of you and you called out, “Help me, Jesus!” he probably wouldn’t turn around. He wouldn’t know who you were talking about.

It would be like someone calling out, “Susan!” and expecting me to answer.

The same perpetrators even created an office of personhood “for” him — an office he never accepted– that of “Christ”, and a position as the head of their “church” — not his fellowship.

They also taught you to worship him as if he were God the Father, when he told you — repeatedly — not to do that.

And though he told you to “call no man Father” —- what did they name their priests?

This same kind of distortion of names and places and times has been applied to almost everything concerning Joshua. The latest Big Lie is that he established a country in the Middle East “within Zebulun and Napthali” as his kingdom on Earth.

He told you directly that his kingdom was not of the age (time) in which he appeared.

He never created any earthly kingdom for himself, though via the Apostle Matthew, a road map for such a kingdom in the future was recorded.

So, just like their prevarication of his name, they are lying to you about his kingdom, too.

Joshua told you that his Father — not he — would call those elected to serve and to live in his kingdom with him, and many would come, but few would be called.

Read your Bibles. Get them down off the shelf and read and think, so that you cannot be deceived by these Liars.

America has more copies of the Bible than any other nation on Earth. We have everything anyone could ever want in terms of translations and original texts in Greek and Hebrew.

Yet, apparently, Americans are as ignorant about the scriptures as they have been about the meaning and nature of the Constitutions.

For Christmas this year, I suggest everyone get a copy of a “Jefferson Bible” which discounts everything else and instead identifies the words actually attributed to Joshua in red. Read his words. Take those to heart.

And realize that you have been lied to by incorporated “churches” that have claimed to own your very souls, and have bought and sold and traded Baptismal Certificates in the same way that the incorporated governments have bought and sold and traded Birth Certificates.

Many of these institutions are evil, and more are grotesquely misled by the traditions and additions and wrong-headed interpretations of men. Look instead into the chapel of your own hearts and listen to the wisdom of compassion, the same compassion and understanding of our condition that Joshua demonstrated during his mission on Earth.

Then let the angel’s words ring bright and true for each and every one of you— “I bring tidings of great joy!”And his name shall be “Emmanuel”.

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