Enough Rope . . .

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Here is a list that everyone needs to study and keep for reference—- a list of the major banking families (except one that is notably and perhaps pointedly absent) and the banks that they to a greater or lesser extent, control:

Bauer-Rothschild —– Barclays

Brown- Harriman —– NatWest (RBS – Royal Bank of Scotland)

Rothschild and Lord Citigroup (London domiciled)

Warburg —– SBC Warburg Bank of Hamburg (includes Warburg Bank of Amsterdam)

Lazard Brothers —– Banque Fédérative du Crédit Mutuel (Paris)

Israel Moses Seif —– Unicredit (Banks of Italy)

Goldman Sachs —– Goldman Sachs ([London domiciled]) Lehman Brothers Lehman Bros ([London domiciled])

Kuhn Loeb —– Kuhn Loeb Bank ([London domiciled])

Bundy —– BNP Paribas

Bilderberg (Bilderberger) —– Credit Suisse (Switzerland) controls US Presidency since LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson)

Rockefeller —– HSBC (London domiciled)

If we are to be truthful, “Rockefeller” would also include “IMF” as well as HSBC, and instead of just “Bundy” being associated with BNP Paribas, you would see the far more familiar name “Bush”.

The Federal Reserve Bank would be shown as a consortium put together by various families and banks shown on this list, for the issuance of military script used to buy the services of the Americans as Mercenaries defending these banks almost for free. Quite a sweet deal — for them.

The missing family is “Li” and the familiar banks associated with them are Plum Blossom (arguably the oldest bank on Earth), World Bank, Bank of China, and Bank of England. You can also include IBRD and the various “specialty banks” that spin off from the World Bank.

Brown-Harriman as in Lord Malloch-Brown, and as in Thomas Harriman, the American Railroad Baron.

Lehman Brothers has been so profligate and dishonest and cut so many corners that they’ve lost most of their stock and trade, though they have fought their way to a reprieve.

It is self-evident why the Eastern Hemisphere’s most famous and indeed, infamous, banking family, the Li Family, has not appeared on the original list above; and, it’s also obvious why they need to be included, if only because they are causing much of the current worldwide problem and because they are trying to keep their part in the melee quiet.

The Li Family compromised the Bank of England in the early 1900’s during the 1906-07 General Bankruptcies, so there is far more than Rockefeller’s HSBC hidden behind that woodpile. Plus, via Bank Treaties and other means, they have established influence over several major Muslim Banks that aren’t even discussed as part of the Families shown above — which must also include the House of Saud.

As always, it isn’t just a matter of what appears in front of your nose, it’s a matter of what should be there —- and isn’t.

For example, while all these “banks” appear to be banks, they are all actually acting in a different capacity — that of credit brokers.

Remember how I told you that although they continued to use the name and logos of “Wells Fargo Bank”— as if it was still functioning as a bank, the cretins in charge of the US Attorney General’s Office who used “Wells Fargo Bank” to monetize land assets that don’t belong to them, were in fact acting as Securities Brokers and not as a bank at all?

This is because only a few Eastern and Muslim banks deal in actual money— money that has intrinsic value in and of itself. The rest all deal in “monetized credit”.

How would you like a currency backed by nothing more than the good faith and credit of the members of the US CONGRESS? How much is that worth? Need I say more?

People have asked me why Trump went through this entire process and why he spent so much time chasing after criminals and criminal networks, why go through an election process if he knew that it would be rigged against him, why has he fallen out of favor with the Bilderbergers?

Now that you know that the Bilderbergers are NOT some mysterious cabal with unknown objectives — what you’ve been led to believe by the Mainstream Media — and that the Bilderbergers are in fact the representative shareholders of Credit Suisse, the credit side of the Swiss Banking Industry, ah, well, more shoes begin to drop in place.

Let me look into my crystal ball….

Could it be that Trump has given them all “enough rope” to finish the Swamp draining?

Please remember that the economy of Switzerland is very dependent on banking and other related services. Remember that every family listed here is dependent on “public confidence” — that is, public belief — that their products have value, and aren’t just so much ginned up bunk.

And now, also realize that credit brokering, especially credit brokering based on assets you don’t actually own, is a giant leap beyond the original sin of idolatry— and you will begin to realize why all the bankers are so frantic.

The entire House of Cards is built on fraud and natural resources that don’t actually belong to the players benefiting from this system of things.

And the actual landlords just woke up.

This is why they all keep asking me, “What do you want?” And why nobody is happy with the simple, obvious answer: “Our assets returned unharmed.”

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