BREAKING: Trump just signed an executive order to fund students directly if their school doesn’t reopen for in-person instruction.

As his presidency draw to a close, President Donald Trump took a final step toward ensuring educational equality for students by issuing an executive order on “Expanding Educational Opportunity through School Choice.”

The scholarships may be used for: tuition and fees for a private or parochial school; homeschool, microschool, or learning-pod costs; special education and related services, including therapies; or tutoring or remedial education.”

There had been concerns as regarded the COVID relief and spending bills pending in the House of Representatives, signed by the president on Dec. 27, that states would not have the leeway many of them desired to allow more options with regard to the education funding heading their way.

This executive order will stand until such time as a future president overturns it. President-elect Joe Biden has promised to overturn Trump’s executive orders when he arrives in the Oval Office.

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