Ramping Up for the New Year!

From Mark Emery | In the strategic planning center secured in mountain caves of Central America

Santa Mark has come to town with some very valuable gifts for you today.  We have a lot to cover so please settle in to absorb the entirety of this debriefing.  I truly feel that all, or at least good parts of it, will truly help you and most people, so please feel free to share. 

1. The road-map to achieving Freedom with Economic Independence. (they go together) 2. Dealing with Medical Tyranny. 3. Why ‘Everyone’ should be active in CSN – the COMMUNITY SUPPORT NETWORK. 4. The Ultimate Legal Status Correction with the maximum immunity and protection possible. 5. Why you need a local chapter of the NATIONAL ACTION TASK FORCE in your area and what you can do to make it happen. 

There is no Freedom without Economic Independence

On a global scale the numbers of those who are currently experiencing, or are on the brink of ‘Economic Disaster and Ruin’ are mind boggling.  To move oneself from this state of despair, danger or risk, I am pleased to provide you with a road-map to avoid disaster and achieve success.  See below…

1.  You (most people) must change your mindset and way of thinking. Understand that you have been programmed your entire life.  Your life (look at it in the mirror) is the direct result of your programming.  If you want different results you need different programming.  Without this, any ‘opportunity’ will be worthless no matter how good it is.  You’ve heard the adage:  ‘garbage in, garbage out’.  

2.  Look up and understand Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant.  It’s quick, simple and easy to understand.   With this in mind you must ‘get rid of your job’ ASAP and replace it with a ‘Business’.  This is your first real step to achieving economic independence.

3.  You must stop trading your time for money.  See this video ‘Getting a Job is for Poor People‘.  Instead, you must learn to find ways to get money working for you instead of the other way around.  We’ve done a video on just this topic and how we address the issue.  Go to http://csn.world, scroll down to RECENT VIDEOS and see the video MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK HARDER FOR YOU!

While you’re there, go ahead and JOIN CSN.  You’ll be better off for it! 

Dealing with Medical Tyranny

The NATF has created a brand new web page with various resources you need to know about on this issue.  Please review them at your leisure but DO make a point to inform yourself.  It truly is a matter of LIFE OR DEATH!.   Share this with others who still haven’t seen the light!  Here’s the link\

There are many more very important articles found here on G. Edward Griffin’s website.   You don’t want to miss these hugely important data points!   Click Here

Why You Need to Be Involved

Ask yourself the following questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Make a note of your answers on a pad; 
1.  Do you know where to buy gold and silver, have it stored for you safely and be able to spend it with a debit card? 2. Do you have sufficient disposable income to allow you to do #1 above? 3. Do you have a source of cash flow which is ‘off the grid’ and is legally not reported anywhere? 4.  Bitcoin has skyrocketed in value over 25% just in recent days over the holidays.  Have you benefited from that?  5.  The dollar is dying and losing value.  Do you understand what ‘Alternative Assets’ are and are you benefitting from holdings in ‘Alternative Assets’?  6.  Do you have a business which involves having multiple sources of independent cash flow?  7.  Do you know how to make daily profits with nothing more than a well positioned hammock and your cell phone?  8.  Do you have a network of followers, who are mostly people unknown to you, who generate cash flow for you with their various forms of economic activity? 
Now I could go on with many more questions, but let’s just use these and come up with a score for you. 
If you answered ‘Yes’ to every question:  Please contact us because you could probably teach us a few things! 
Only 1 or 2  ‘No’:   You’ve done pretty well and are in good shape, but since you don’t ‘know it all’ you would still be very well served by joining CSN. 
3-5 ‘No’:  It looks like you’ve started along on a good plan but could use some additional guidance along the way to accelerate your results.   You definitely need to join CSN. 
6-8 ‘No’:  You obviously will benefit greatly from being a member of CSN and now that you are aware of what’s available, if you don’t join, all I can think to say is the quote from the movie ‘Forest Gump’ who said:  ‘Stupid is as stupid does’!  
The point is simple:  Everyone can benefit from the knowledge, resources, education and opportunities of CSN.   Only a fool would say:  ‘No!  I don’t want to learn anything new to advance myself!”  And since you’re not a fool (I think) there’s only one thing to do! JOIN CSN ›

The Ultimate Legal Status Correction 

First, we recommend that everyone get involved with the local American State Assembly for your state if you live in the USA.   See theamericanstatesassembly.net 
Beyond that there is a status of ‘Ambassador’, or ‘Minister’ for the Kingdom of Heaven which involves power and authority which far exceeds what man can come up with in the common law.  
Imagine having the wall of the doctrine of  ‘separation of church and state’ to protect you from ‘foreign’ intrusions in your life.   
Imagine administering a ministry in the form of  ‘God centered trust’ to manage your affairs which is respected by the banks and other institutions of the world.  
Imagine having not only the full force and authority of the constitution for the united States of America to support you but many and various international treaties and declarations in support of your status.  
Imagine being able to remove ‘Real Estate’ from the tax roles and put onto the ‘Private Property’ list which is free from ‘real estate taxes’. 
Imagine being exempt from ‘foreign’ state statutes. 
However, that all pales in comparison to the power, the might and the authority brought to us by the Holy Spirit when we walk in faith and actually ‘Come Out of Babylon’ as we are commanded to do. 
This option is only for strong willed true disciples of Jesus of course.  But if you fit into that category and are truly willing to live according to your faith and walk the talk, you need to start considering your options here. 
You don’t know what ‘Freedom’ is until you can actually ‘Come Out of Babylon’. 
Visit our website http://worldmissions.world, read, read and read some more then Pray on it.  You will also learn more about this as a member of  CSN.

Draining the Swamp

You’ve heard this phrase used time and again over the last 4 years. We are currently on the cusp of some major moves being made by the ‘White Hats’ (pro-constitution military, their supporters and affiliates). 
The NATIONAL ACTION TASK FORCE is the citizen-grass-roots-effort to mop up the communist infiltrators and unconstitutional operators on the local level.  The NATF uses, as its main weapons; Knowledge, Education, and the Law to face down tyranny on the local and state levels.  We work in concert with and in support of local law enforcement whenever possible.  All power of government rests in the authority granted by the consent of the governed.  We are reclaiming our authority as ‘We’ are the source of government.  It is incumbent upon all Americans and freedom lovers worldwide to stand up for freedom, justice and universal law as given to us from our father God himself.   We are here to reclaim our territory and to stand in the gap using the sword of truth to enforce ‘righteousness’. 

With that said, if you haven’t done so already please do the following; 
A). Go to the NATF website ( national-taskforce.org ) and examine it thoroughly to know its contents. B). Share the web link with at least 3 to 5 of your personal contacts urging them to get involved with us. C). Find one or more ways to get involved or support the NATF on the Join Page. D). Start or support a local chapter.
If you’ve already volunteered previously, we sent an email out to you 2 days ago and we want to be sure you see it (many haven’t due to the holidays) so please check you in-box and take any necessary action.   

Thanks and may God Bless us all as we stand in the gap for truth, righteousness and the prosperity which comes with FREEDOM! — Mark

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