Newspaper Lies are the Flood Gates to Hell

Newspaper Lies are the Flood Gates to Hell. by Robert-Dean:House

I recently watched a half hour show of a series staring Hugh O’Brian called the, Legend of Wyatt Earp which aired from 1955-1961.

The show started out with a couple of miners struggling with a stubborn mule they wanted to put down when a young boy offered to buy it for two dollars.

The owner of the mule warned the boy of the stubbornness and danger of owning such an animal.

The owner gave in to the boy for the boy said his father, who was away at the time, needed the mule on the farm.  The boy tugged the mule to a hitching post and started to brush him down and the mule kicked him breaking the boys leg and then ran off.

That would have been the end of the story if it was not for one of the two newspapers in town.  The boy feared punishment from his father so he told the doctor that Roscoe, the mule owned by Wyatt’s deputy, Shotgun Gibbs, played by Morgan Woodward, kicked him for no reason.

One of the papers took this and blew it out of proportion because the Sheriffs Deputy was now implicated in the boys false accusation.  This was to be a story the paper could, “run with”, fabricate on further in order to sell more papers.  The talk now was that the mule should be destroyed which Gibbs was not fancy to.  

Even though Wyatt instructed Gibbs to do nothing, Gibbs took his mule into the office of the paper and ended up beating up the owner and two of his helpers.  
(“Something that should be done today”.)

Now they had more news to sell to the people and when the boys father got home and wanted to know what happened, the boy told the lie once again and his mother proved the lie by showing her husband the newspaper.  The father now took steps to shoot the mule.

Wyatt found out the truth from the man who sold the boy the mule but by now the father took up his rifle and headed to town as the boy followed on crutches.

Wyatt was approaching the man as he raised his rifle at the mule when the boy came forward with the truth in an attempt to stop him from committing a greater crime.  Now the father did not believe the boy and was about to shoot when Wyatt stopped him as he heard the boy speak the truth which he had previously learned. 

Wyatt then explained to the boy how one small lie could be blown out of proportion causing greater harm. 

Over 60 years ago this show gave us fair warning about newspapers and there use of propaganda to control the people by selling their lies.

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