Joe Biden admits who he believes really won the 2020 election

President Elect Joe Biden

One of the things elderly people are famous for is losing their filter, that little auto-edit in the brain that stops them from saying inappropriate things. Many lose their filter because they just don’t care (and good for them). Others, though, lose it because nature has cruelly attacked their brain function. The problem is exceptionally bad when the person wasn’t too bright or too filtered to begin with. And that brings us to Joe Biden, who just announced that Kamala Harris is the real president-elect.

You and I know that Donald Trump really won the election.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Joe Biden (AKA “Dr.” Jill Biden) and Joe’s other handlers have told him he won.

Now, Joe probably isn’t so far gone that he actually believes that’s true. After all, in another filter failure before the election, he admitted that the Democrat party had put together the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” in American history. Considering that Biden is always reading from TelePrompters, that was his failing brain screaming out the truth.

Still, Joe’s excited about being sworn in as president of the United States, even if it means placing his hand on a Bible and lying that he “will to the best of [his] Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (Anyone who is dedicated to enacting the hard-leftist agenda that defines the modern Democrat party and who willingly sold his country out to Ukraine and China to make a buck for himself is not preserving, protecting, or defending the Constitution.)

As I said, Joe’s excited, but there’s a little subliminal knot of anxiety gnawing away at him. He knows that Donald Trump really won the election and that he merely appears to have won because of that “extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization.”

But the other, deeper truth Joe knows, no matter what his wife tells him as she tucks him in at night, is that he’s not going to be allowed to govern. Instead, he’ll be like the puppet sultan in Disney’s Aladdin, an empty man who’s given the trappings of power without the actual power.

Biden is the hapless sultan, only without his sweet charm. But who’s the Jafar in this relationship? Biden knows the answer to that question. Deep down, he’s always known, which is why his mouth keeps slipping past his brain’s filter to tell the world who’s really taking over the White House should Biden manage to get in: Kamala Harris.

In September, Biden referred to a “Harris Biden administration”

In early December, Biden explained that if Harris disagreed with him, he’d fake an illness and hand her the White House.

And then, yesterday, Biden did it again. You can see him struggling to read the TelePrompter and then, despite the text in front of him, calling Harris the “president-elect”.

Harris is in on the scam.

When Bill Clinton ran in 1992, he told voters that, because Hillary was such an accomplished figure in her own right, voters would be getting “two for one.”  This time around, with another piranha-like woman in the wings, there’s just going to be one leader in a hypothetical Biden administration, and it’s not going to be Joe Biden.

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