Rise From The Dead

By Robert-dean: House

In the Bible at Matthew 27- 28, Jesus said that he would rise from the dead and when he did he would do so with the powers of his Father.

Most every man and woman born on this planet were assigned a “Birth Certificate”.  This certificate is a unknowing contract created under deceit by evil men who claim the soles of all as dead people.  Thus the foot print, sole print, at the bottom of that Certificate which you will not see as it is sent away.

If you do not believe me in what I am saying then it is up to you to prove it wrong.  Do the research, “Seek and you will find, do not and forever be blind”. 

Now comes Robert-dean:House brother of Jesus and son of God in all my faith and truth to instruct others on how to rise from the dead.

As a citizen assigned a Birth Certificate you have no God given rights only privileges granted to you with your consent by the evil one.  You were never told the truth and it is never too late to claim who and what you are and serve that claim to all evil men.

Under Common Law Self Governance one must do an Affidavit Statement of Live Life stating that the one is a competent truthful people of God sealed under God’s given Identification of your finger print (prints), that are unique to only the one and swear to it under oath. 

With such document, one can now claim who and what they are and not that of an assumed or presumed PERSON under the all caps name which is identified as one of Satin’s deed. 

Don’t believe me?  Look up, “Chicago Manual of Style,” para. 11.128, found on pages 665 and 666.  (666?).  Or email me at < trefarmerh@centurylink.net > and I will send it to you.

Do the above and you will truly “rise from the dead” and secure you rightful place along side your Father in heavenly places and giving notice to evil men that you are not one of Satan’s sheep being led to extinction. 

If enough people can see this message and comprehend it and follow it, it will put evil back where it belongs and like me, it will give you the power to stand for your rights under God.

Let this be the year of true change for the truth.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Amen. 

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