All Roads Lead to Rome

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

China— remember the Boxer Rebellion and the blood of the People’s Revolution?  Remember how you in China were cut off and isolated and left to starve?

It appeared to be England and “the” United States at fault, but behind these puppets was Rome, using them as storefronts, scapegoats, and Fall Guys. 

Europe— remember all the bloody conflicts of the past four hundred years in Europe?  Everything that has happened since the English Civil War and the Great Fire of London?  Same story.  The Hundred Years War, the Thirty Years War, the Seven Years War, the English Civil War, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the entire Napoleonic Era, the Crimean War, the First World War, the Second World War, and all the endless nasty “mercenary conflicts”?  

And all you in the Middle East — remember the Crusades, all the “killing for Jesus” — the way your trade routes were decimated, and the way that the British provided themselves with a base and promoted more war by creating Palestine out of thin air, and then supporting the creation of the modern state of Israel?  

Africa— remember how your every effort to modernize and to lift your people up and to enjoy your own natural resources has been viciously stomped on and stifled?  

Russia — what Communist Revolution?  

Again, and always, England is the common thread, but why?  

Rome. Rome is really the common thread running through it all, sometimes seen, sometimes not seen.  The Popes manipulated the Kings and Queens of Great Britain, because they owed their thrones and their claim to be Monarch to the Popes. There was a dirty little secret at the bottom of the barrel and the British Monarchs were in effect, being blackmailed from the days of the Magna Carta to today. 

William of Normandy destroyed the British Monarchy on a permanent basis by dividing up the land mass of Britain and giving it all away to his faithful Barons, making each one of them kings in their own right.  He guaranteed this scheme by castrating his eldest son and disinheriting the others, preventing them from owning any land in England. 

That’s why Henry II had to go to France and try to regain a foothold on the Continent– but he still wasn’t a King in England. Just a Vassal working as an Overseer of the Commonwealth lands in England for the Pope, and alternatively, being hired as a Mercenary to go fight the Crusades. 

So this “Hidden Hand” relationship has continued, with the high and mighty British Monarchs being Patsies for Rome and playing their part in an endless game that they have been blamed for.  Even I blame them, but not for the same reasons.  I blame them for not having guts enough to expose Rome. 

It’s their Hand and Foot game with the Popes and also the Eastern Patriarchs that has cost everyone on this planet so much pain, created so many divisions, and promoted so much violence—- because they provided Rome with what Rome needed most: a foil. Another side to play against, or at least, appear to play against.  

Please note that the more noble the rhetoric, the worse the action. 

Also note that evil means yields evil results every single time.  

And always, predictably, in the background, England (acting for Rome) at the bottom of the dogpile, creating the problems and stirring the pot. 

Also notice how the two, Britain and Rome, interact financially.  The Holy Roman Empire always gets the first cut and choice bits of every misadventure. That should tell everyone the truth of the matter, the who-works-for-whom, shouldn’t it?  

Finally, notice how everything good gets co-opted and transformed into something evil.  That, too, comes from Rome.  Not Christian Rome.  Pagan Rome– the Roman Empire that has never really succumbed, and which has remained as violent, rigid, bureaucratic, predatory, immoral and insane as ever. 

The United Nations is supposed to be something good — a world forum for all the various nations to come together to work on the common problems of mankind, and a place to resolve their differences peacefully.  But as Dag Hammarskjold found out, it was really a storefront for a Vichy French (Nazi)/Swiss Investment Corporation, the UN CORP. 

The Federal Reserve was supposed to be something good, that very quickly went bad, and which was used to embezzle the wealth of America. 

Our entire country, America, was supposed to be something good, and yet, thanks to the deceit and criminality of the British-Holy Roman Empire alliance, our quality of life and our reputation in the world has been ruined and we have been mistaken for “the US” and blamed for its misdeeds.

Manipulating the US (INCORPORATED) Presidential Election is pretty small beans for the HRE, something they have done to other smaller countries on a regular basis and by various means for hundreds of years. In this current caper, notice where the knife came from: Naples.   

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