Arch Bonnemo Jan 7, 2021

By Michael Edward

Big night!

I will update you with what I can, but don’t ask any questions. Trump has it 1,000%!!! In a couple weeks you will be crying tears of joy and cheering at the same. When Trump is ready, he will announce it over the Emergency Broadcasting System. Twitter, FB and other socialist social media groups that think they’ve stopped Trump will look like deer caught in the headlights.

The frosting on the cake was last night when the Congresspersons ran out of the House, 15 left their laptops on the tables. Trump supporters picked them up and gave them to the correct authorities, Trumps people. Among those left behind was Nancy Pelosi’s!!

Trump will start releasing the Declass.

You will be shocked in horror just looking at videos, copies of bank statements, emails and the depths of the evil. Every party, every department, every administration for decades.

The reason we had to go through all this drama was for people to become aware, angry and ready to look at the evidence and demand justice.

It will take months just to get all the big stories out.

You will be glad Trump just moved the two huge Prison Barges to Gitmo.

This adds another 12,000 inmates to the already greatly expanded prison.

The arrests will include small town mayors to former Presidents and First Ladies including Michael Obama.

Judges, police chiefs, billionaires, media, Hollywood and many foreign leaders.

I’m telling you this because some of you are worried and I’m concerned about your health and well-being. Trump announced there will be a peaceful transition to the new administration.

Some of you read that wrong. The new administration is his, he will be bringing a lot of new people, it will look and run completely different.

Trump needed the drama of the last two months to see who he could use. He now knows.

Be patient, don’t listening the news, even Christian Conservative programs are clueless on what’s going on.

There is no perfect station to go to, but there are people in the know you can trust. They are DJT, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Gen Flynn.

It’s only a few more days and it will start to roll out.

Some of it will be hard to believe, but they have all hard evidence that’s easy to understand.

This has taken lot longer than any of us wanted, but every minute was important and worth it.

Trump could have stopped it much earlier but he needed you see it, catch all involved and stop these crime families that have been stealing our country for generations.

Goodnight and God Bless.

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