No Great Divide. No Contract.

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

People are confused.  I don’t blame anyone for that.  Let me explain. 

Joe Biden was elected by Municipal citizens of the United States, shareholders in the US, INC., to a now non-existent office in a defunct corporation, but they are all trying to finesse it and pretend that their corporation is still alive and the “same as” the brand new version of the US, INC. they are trying to foist off on us.  The new version is a wholly-owned franchise of the UN CORP. 

Fortunately, we know this. 

Their new corporation is not allowed to assume a successor to contract position, and we have told them and their Boss, the Pope, to shove off.

So, you have the Municipal Government and all the corporations like FB and Microsoft, that have incorporated as US CORPS trying to pull a fast one on the American States and People, and do another little Coo-Coo Bird substitution of one corporation for another, so that they can continue to use and abuse the powers of government to protect and profit themselves at everyone else’s expense.  

Our Forefathers couldn’t possibly foresee the roiling pit of commercial nastiness that Washington, DC, has become, but they did have a healthy appreciation for the corruption and guile and greed of the Holy Roman Empire, so when they set this whole shebang up, they did it like a set of Russian Nesting Dolls. 

The Municipality of Washington, DC, together with its Municipal Government (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) sits inside the Territorial District of Columbia as a safeguard, and the Territorial District of Columbia sits inside the Federal Republic Enclave as a safeguard.  

If the Municipal Government goes crazy and corrupt (as it has), the Territorial Government (the US Military) has the right and obligation to squelch the domestic (to them) terrorists.  And if the Territorial Government fails to do its duty in this respect, the American Armed Forces have the right and duty to gobsmack both the Municipal and Territorial Government factions. 

Of course, we would all prefer that the foreign subcontractors inhabiting the District of Columbia clean up their own dirty laundry, but there is absolutely no doubt that we have the authority, right, means, and manpower to scrape the District of Columbia clean and deposit the detritus in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

What is Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates going to do about it, when we, the actual government, seize their assets as the fruits of treason and crimes against humanity?  All of a sudden, they aren’t billionaires anymore.  All of a sudden, they are in jail for censoring free speech in America while profiting from the use of our airwaves.  And worse. 

So, as I said before, the Municipal Government can elect Joe Biden as “President” of their corporation, put on party hats, and stage something called an inauguration — but it’s all the same to us.  They don’t have a contract. The entire world has been told (and is being told again) that they don’t have a contract.  

They don’t represent the American States and People. They aren’t our Agents. They don’t have any position or access to credit related to us. 

Their Delegated Powers returned to The Federation of States doing business as The United States of America by Operation of Law the moment their Municipal Corporation filed bankruptcy — again.  We accepted their incapacity. 

And that’s that.  They can fill out paperwork and name their officers and set up shell corporations under the auspices of other governments offshore.  They can call their new shell by deceptive names.  They can wave flags and dance all they like.  And they still won’t have a contract with the American States and People.  

That “chain of succession” is broken, never to be repaired. 

The Holy See is still under contract as the Holy See, but we are not under any obligation of contract to any incorporated entity at all.  Ditto that with respect to the Government of Westminster.  

Let all the governments of the world be aware that the vermin in DC have no contract.  They don’t represent anything but their own little one mile square, and so far as we are concerned, their creditors are welcome to it.  Nancy Pelosi? — No office related to our country.  Mike Pence? — Unemployed.  All the “Senators” — they are nobody.  Just fraud artists living in a dream. 

Nothing that they say or do anymore has anything to do with this country or its assets or the people who live here,and that is retroactive to when the Great Fraud began in 1860.  

The only former Federal Employee who does have a contract is Donald Trump.  

So all the officially unemployed yahoos who want to go back to work had better treat him very nicely, and all the Municipal Corporations that need to be dissolved and/or placed under new management, need to be very nice to him, too.  

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