Whoa! What Horses??? Go to PedoEmpire.org –

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

(Warning — the writing style is less than succinct and the language can be less than polite…..)

One of the workers in the field, Joachim Hagopian, a psychologist dealing with family and abuse issues, has written “the” definitive book on the issue of Satanic Pedophilia and its use by the so-called elites for the purpose of blackmail and loyalty enforcement. And worship of the Devil. 

It’s an exhaustive five volume tome that demonstrates the evidence of the criminal underworld attached to Babylon, and follows its history on a worldwide basis. 

How did the Netherlands become Home Base for this criminality?  You will find out here.  

The role of Rome and Naples?  Here, again.

The gross corruption of the British Government?  Ask and you shall receive the answers.  

I suppose that like so many other things we have known that “something was wrong” but the devastating truth remained just under the surface of things, like a shark sometimes breaking the surface with a fin, but then disappearing again. 

Now, in five volumes, you will see the shark, and the evidence gathered from all over the world.  Book 4 covers North America and is just coming off the presses now.  The first three volumes are available on Amazon for less than a hundred dollars total. 

And it finally makes sickening, horrible sense, how and why nearly a million children go missing in America, and more millions disappear in other countries around the world every year. 

So does the Democratic Party Machine’s connection to and support for abortion– and it has nothing to do with anybody’s rights.  

While Nancy Pelosi tries to circle the wagons to impeach Trump, the noose on the criminal PedoEmpire is already cinched down tight. 

All that remains is for someone to kick the box. 

Mister Trump, please do the honors. 

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