Regarding Today’s Bogus Impeachment: Let’s Call It Fascism, Because That’s What It Is

You can watch the impeachment proceedings on CSPAN.

By Barbara Boyd

James Carville, now shrunk to the angry mental sterility of his fellow aging boomers at their fantasized barricades, once had something meaningful to say. When Bill Clinton ran against George H.W. Bush, Carville called the issue, saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Carville said this while reading the unauthorized biography of Bush, authored by associates of Lyndon LaRouche, which showed the former President to be a mean little thug whose entire career was sponsored by British imperial interests.

Bush 41 was beholden to a father, Prescott Bush, who played a critical role in financing the ascent of Adolf Hitler while engaged in the Business Plot, the intended Wall Street/London fascist coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt, using unsettled military veterans as so much cannon fodder.

Those drivers—the economy and the accompanying security state plots by its overlords—emerge anew as we review the events of the past week: the summary cancellation of any serious investigation of the fraud which allowed Joe Biden to be “elected”; the staged violence at the Capitol; Wall Street and corporate America’s move to deny funding to any politician, other public figure, or employed person dissing them; attempt to impeach and destroy Donald Trump and everyone associated with him; the demonization and Silicon Valley censorship of anyone “objecting,” on the nominal right or nominal left; and now, new domestic terror laws through which all political dissent is to be classified and investigated as potential “terrorism.”

Democrats have seriously suggested that Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are domestic terrorists for raising questions about the election and should be put on a No-Fly list. Others now campaign for “deprogramming” Trump supporters.

That is not to say that the provocateurs who led the Capitol riot and attacked police, resulting in needless deaths, should not be identified, honestly investigated, and tried. But so should the instigators of this controlled event. Threatened 20-year sentences for people stoked on the fantasies of the military PsyOp known as QAnon and General McInerney, who found themselves inside the Capitol and committed no violence, is an extraordinary abuse of power. So was the shooting and killing of the unarmed Trump supporter at the inner doors to the House.

It is entirely clear that this was an orchestrated setup, and the nation will only heal if there is an honest and truthful investigation, not the witch-hunt, new terrorism laws, and forecast bloodletting now underway. As John Solomon points out, not only did the President not call for violence, the first breach of the Capitol occurred well before he finished speaking. The FBI and others knew of the plans, it was not a spontaneous event triggered by the President’s words.

The Republican Party is splitting now—Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, and the corrupt old guard on one side, patriots on the other. The Democrats are about to split too—its progressive branch told to either get in line or suffer the same fate as Trump.
But it is still the economy driving this attempted turn to overt fascism. The lords of Wall Street and the City of London are now in a desperate race against time to bring the population to heel, ahead of their own financial reckoning. Joe Biden’s fraudulent campaign actually used the brand name for the central bankers’ Great Reset, “Build Back Better,” as his campaign slogan.

Under this slogan, the world’s financiers and central bankers intend to institute a New Dark Age in which their wealth is preserved after the bubble they built is put through a managed collapse at the expense of the world’s working and middle classes. The poor have already been redlined for extinction. In their scheme, central bankers, rather than politicians, will control the finances of nation-states, providing credit only to those who agree to the policies of the globalist regime.

And in their panic, those who are in on the game are using its tools prematurely—censorship and public ostracism, denial of credit and the means of existence to those who resist, threatened prosecution of those who will not surrender. Trump and his movement are in the way.

When neither Russiagate nor the bogus first impeachment succeeded in evicting Donald Trump from the White House, the Democrats, the City of London, and Wall Street weaponized COVID to shut down the economy and coerce and condition the population into lockdowns in which their means of existence began to vanish, all the while using the existence of the virus to change how the November election would be conducted so that Donald Trump could never be re-elected. Or so they schemed and thought.

Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Michael Bloomberg, and George Soros purchased election officials outright, spending millions to drive the anti-Trump vote. America’s cities were set on fire, in reaction to George Floyd’s death, in the hope that Trump would overreact and slaughter people. Silicon Valley shadow-banned Trump supporters, built support for Biden, and censored any negative information about Biden, including the fact that his son sold the family name to numerous foreign oligarchs, a level of censorship never before experienced in an American presidential campaign.

Word was spread to the judiciary that should Trump win the election or the fraud be seriously investigated, a Pandora’s box would be opened and whole cities would be burned to the ground by Antifa and the labile, unemployed, angry, and dispossessed, to whom the billionaire fascists toss funds for their daily subsistence.

Thus, the specific instruction of the British Crown, issued in the 2018 House of Lords report “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” was thought to be fulfilled: No second term for Donald J. Trump.

But despite all of this, Trump’s support in the population remained and grew, and support for investigating the election fraud of 2020 also grew. A very sloppy ballot stuffing had been hastily arranged in the late evening of election day because Donald Trump still overwhelmed Biden in votes, despite the massive conspiracy directed at him. Now, in their panic, as the outcry against vote fraud grew, it was decided that Trump and his supporters must be completely and rapidly vanquished, now, even if whole chunks of the Constitution perish with them. The elites have abandoned any effort to legitimize the Biden presidency or the Great Reset, and instead have resorted to blunt force. Their supporters delude themselves that this is temporary, that once Trump is gone, all will be restored and well.

Of course, despite its intended shock and awe, this giant overstep will not stand. A focused fury is gathering in the land and it is focused on those attacking the President. The elites believe the President’s supporters are stupid and will simply gather their guns and be instantaneously mowed down by the FBI and other federal forces.

But if the President’s supporters keep their nerve and confront their representatives peacefully and with quiet determination, in defense of the Constitution and its First Amendment, the hysterical bubble that is Washington will be broken. If the President and his supporters attack the enemy’s weak flank—the fact that the elite have absolutely no idea how to run an economy which assures a decent and prosperous future for generations hence—the day can be won. If they demand an economy which meets the Constitution’s command to promote the General Welfare, the nation can heal. If the intended combatants against one another, the so-called right and the so-called left, turn on their shared oppressor, the Constitution can be saved.

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