SHOW TRIAL: Senate Impeachment BOMBSHELL

(Big League Politics) – As the Democratic House of Representatives rams through a sham impeachment with unprecedented speed, constitutional lawyers have stepped forward to reveal that the vindictive plot to convict President Donald Trump in a Senate trial after he leaves office is unconstitutional.

Civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz explained how a prospective impeachment trial of a President who has left office to become a private citizen is outside of Congress’ jurisdiction.

The jurisdiction of Congress doesn’t contend to private citizens. If it did, if you can impeach and remove a private citizen in order to prevent him or her from running against the president, then you can impeach me.”

The absurd notion that you can try somebody after they leave the office of president would mean that 350 million people would be subject to impeachment and ‘removal or disqualification from office.”

The first day the Senate can realistically convene to begin trial proceedings would be January 19th, a day before Trump leaves office. The President has the right for a time period to select his attorneys and prepare a defense, ensuring that any proceedings would be litigated well after he leaves office, which just cannot be.

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