HATJ — The Burning Question

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

This burning question involves the life and times of Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraff, the creator of OPPT and one of the members of the Paradigm Project — and why she is in jail.

The Paradigm Project was a spin off of an agency investigation into the same world-spanning interlocking trust directorate that Dutch statistical analysts discovered, and which Karen Hudes has repeatedly exposed.

The people involved in the Paradigm Project realized that, basically, the entire world had been defrauded and our individual assets had been embezzled and trafficked and controlled by incorporated crime syndicates functioning “as” national governments.

That is, they discovered, tracked, analyzed, and took action against The Great Fraud. I suspect that elements of the Naval Fiscal Audit team that was murdered during the attack on 9/11 — or at least elements of their research, survived, and was picked up by the Paradigm Project members.

We now know that the dirty work was done by the Holy Roman Empire operating in tandem with British crooks operating as the government of Westminster — the British Crown, and American traitors, mostly members of the so-called Pilgrim’s Society.

Anyway…. Having discovered The Great Fraud, the brave members of this team of researchers, including Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraff, decided to do something practical to dismantle it. So they foreclosed on the corporations responsible for these unlawful activities, and formed a trust, the OPPT, to replace the so-called World Trust that was being used as the instrumentality and Slush Fund of the crooks.

The problem, as ever, was that the people doing this work, were all Federales, and so, had no standing to take these actions. Those in a position to know the dirt were thus unable to do anything to stop it. Neat, huh? A self-healing criminal conspiracy.

The further problem was that simply transferring the World Trust assets to another trust, the OPPT, didn’t solve the underlying problem — which is the existence of any such trust to begin with.

The OPPT might start out with all the best intentions, but as people die off and as power corrupts, it would inexorably devolve into the same kind of oppressive interlocking trust directorate, albeit managed by different monsters.

So, would you like raspberry-flavored feces, or chocolate? This is why I didn’t support the OPPT or place any faith in it, however, I did appreciate the courage and loyalty of the researchers who brought it forward and who did their best — according to the lights they could see — to free the world from iniquity and give power back to the living people.

Thus, when I saw that things were getting sticky, I contacted HATJ several times and advised her to sever her attachment to the Bar Association. Like most attorneys, HATJ had struggled hard enough to get her JD and pass the Bar Exam, to highly value her membership in the BAR. And she clearly believed, as most attorneys do, that her Bar Card was a means to power that she needed to be able to use to defend the OPPT.

I, however, knew that as an attorney she lacked the standing to do what she was trying to do, and that she would inevitably get into trouble and be charged with insubordination — though she would not be told as much. Instead, they’d come up with other charges and try her for insubordination just the same.

It makes it difficult to defend against charges if you don’t know what the charges are.

So she fell into that trap and nobody can think less of her for that.

Except for me and who was I? —nobody ever told her anything about the Bar Associations or the extremely private corporations in charge of Bar Association operations worldwide, or the jurisdictions involved in what she was trying to do, or the reasons she could not be a Bar Member and hope to succeed.

No doubt she found that I told her an interesting tale, but she didn’t immediately believe and act upon it, with the result that she was brought into their court system, charged, convicted, and jailed like a common criminal, for violating contractual obligations that she is, probably to this day, completely unaware of.

Now, should she be in jail?

Not from our standpoint. She did the right thing. She sought to prevent and obstruct criminal activity. She tried to help people all over the world by using the tools she had in her kit bag. I am sure she is blessed by God for that, even as she is sitting alone in her jail cell. Perhaps she remembers what I told her and has been ruminating on it all, and wondering what she will do when the doors swing open and she is free again.

Her membership in the Bar Association is terminated. She’s probably wondering how she will make a living and like many attorneys who have been disbarred for upholding justice, marking her life out in sections— Before the Bar and After the Bar.

I wish there was some way, even at this late date, to tell her that it doesn’t have to be that way. She can be a Counselor of Law and doesn’t need to be a Bar Attorney; in fact, she can’t be a Bar Attorney and follow her heart, which is firmly rooted in the cause of Justice.

Instead of letting this be a public rumination about the suffering and unjust imprisonment of HATJ, let it be a warning call to other members of the Bar Associations around this country, both the US BAR and the American Bar Association, to rethink their assumptions and their loyalties.

If you are a Tory and believe in British Supremacy at any cost, go on living your life as a British Shipping Clerk in the Merchant Marine Service — because that is what a Bar Attorney is, and what they actually do —- ship “cargo” back home to Britain as Privateers. And BAR Attorneys do the same thing, only for the Pope.

If you are an American, or anyone else with other values, there is no reason to join the BAR Associations in the first place. If you have already done so by mistake, correct the mistake and don’t be wishy-washy about it. Just sever the “voluntary” implied contracts that Bar Membership confers upon you, and function as a Counselor of Law instead.

The practice of law is an occupation of common right in this country and throughout much of the rest of the world; the Bar Associations have a “self-regulated” monopoly on one small, profitable jurisdiction called “Special Admiralty” — the realm of Privateers operating under Letters of Marque.

The Bar Associations operate a closed shop union monopoly on this one foreign international jurisdiction, and specializes in tricking unwary people into this jurisdiction, where they and their assets can be “legally” pillaged and plundered.

And that is all that the Bar Association matrix is actually about — utilizing and protecting this one narrowly defined jurisdiction, operating the King’s Bench in favor of the King, and getting a fat kickback for doing so.

If that’s not who you are and not what you want to be doing, get out of the Bar Associations as quickly as you can. Flee Babylon.

There are very stiff international penalties waiting for Privateers (and Inland Pirates) operating without valid credentials, and since 2013 that is exactly the position of all US BAR ATTORNEYS and all American Bar Attorneys, too.

Pope Francis cut you all free and made you responsible for your own actions via his Moto Proprio; and as it is his authority which underlies the King’s authority to operate the King’s Bench, that goes for the British “Special Admiralty” system, too.

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