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As I wrote yesterday, and am even more convinced of today after watching Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Joe Biden is President-Elect of nothing, nowhere and no one. As such, he will never be President and there will never be a Biden/Harris Administration regardless of any political theater acted out on January 20th. The election was a charade, Congress’ approval of the Electoral College votes was a charade and so will be Biden’s so-called inauguration (if it even happens.)

To understand this, you have to understand Donald Trump, the man.

For the past four peaceful years, we’ve thought of President Trump in a general and grateful way as our president, our Commander-in-Chief and a  damned good speaker but did we ever really get to know Donald Trump, the man?

His past television appearances and the MSM’s attacks have unfortunately created a personality for him that is a grave injustice. Trump himself, like so many brilliant gifted people, is reluctant to show off his intelligence. I even sold him short!

In my previous article, Right on Cue! 17 Big Reasons to be Utterly CONFIDENT of Trump’s Second Administration I called Trump, the “PR face of [Q’s] movement.” Boy! Was I ever wrong!

may have sprung into existence before Trump was tapped for the Executive Branch, but now he’s one of the best brains in the movement strategizing the effective clean up, not just of the United States, but the entire world from the scourge of evil. Dr. Pieczenik almost fell over himself praising Trump for his brilliance. “He’s the genius who put [The Plan] together,” he said.

But it’s even more than that. Despite his younger reputation, Trump is a man of character. Every word of his speeches is chosen with the utmost care. His word is impeccable.

Add to that, he’s a big ol’ history buff. He hides it just as he hides his intelligence but it sneaks out now and then. At the rally in Bemidji, MN, which marks the day I decided to “write about America,” Trump had gone off teleprompter and launched into a lecture on the history of the Civil War. Visibly, he caught himself and went back on teleprompter, more’s the pity.

Which leads us to the Insurrection Act.

On January 10th, 49 AD, Julius Caesar left Italy with his army and crossed a small stream called the Rubicon. In our vernacular, “crossing the Rubicon” has come to mean “to undertake an action so decisive that there can be no turning back.”

On January 11th, 2021 a rumor (contradicted by no one, including the White House) circulated that President Trump had signed the Insurrection Act at midnight on January 10th. In so doing, Trump crossed our Rubicon 1,972 years to the day that Julius Caesar crossedItaly’s Rubicon. How symbolic!

While the MSM claims the MAGA folks committed Insurrection and thus pretend to welcome the troops bunking down in DC buildings, we know the truth.

The troops aren’t there to protect them from us. MAGA has no designs on them! After the False Flag of January 6th, MAGA are staying home today, this weekend and on January 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th…for as long as they have False Flags planned!

President Trump knows that too. He knows our character. MAGA are God fearing, hard working, law abiding, honest and peace loving. Yeah, we really are…no matter what evil Pelosi and her ilk want to project onto us from their own befouled and besmirched souls.

So what’s with all the fol-de-rol with concertina wire?

As I see it, it has four uses (at least).

Firstly, it makes arresting the traitors very, very easy. If they have the idiocy and/or the vanity to parade onto the dais in their best bib-and-tucker on January 20th, they have nowhere to run from their arrestors. They’ll literally be springing Trump’s trap on themselves. So typical of his sense of humor but also his incredible mercy.

Secondly, it protects those arresting the traitors from outside interference. Rumor has it Pelosi was already stopped at the border and arrested though I can’t confirm it.

Thirdly, it creates a fortress to protect President Trump when he returns to Washington D. C. and  the military tribunals commence their good work in trying and sentencing the traitors, assuming it happens in Washington.

Lastly, FEMA is involved to create a “contingency government with military authority” “in the absence of functioning civilian government.” According to Dr. Pieczenik, we are already under martial law. Did you notice it? I didn’t!

Under Obama’s Administration, governance by FEMA would’ve been a terrifying thought but since then, the heads of FEMA and the DoD have been replaced with military veterans, loyal to President Trump. Whew!

The Left, the Deep State…whatever you want to call them…got played at their own game. They designed a False Flag event on January 6th to project Insurrection on MAGA to distract from their real Insurrection.

Trump knew the False Flag was coming and responded by deploying the National Guard and although the Left may now be regretting their actions as they are increasingly surrounded by all those uniforms and guns, guns, guns, they can’t complain lest they spill the beans.

Trump gave them exactly what they wanted thus outmaneuvering them at their own game.

Never play poker with Donald John Trump! You will always lose! The Deep State’s loss is America’s gain and it will ultimately be glorious!
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