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Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Deed of Status Re-Conveyance

I, the living man, David Everett Robinson, being of age, of sound mind and in good health, free of all duress or improper consideration hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey my given lawful Trade Name, David Everett Robinson, to the land and soil of Maine, my native state, together with all derivative names, including David Robinson, David E. Robinson, D.E. Robinson, DAVID EVERETT ROBINSON, DAVID E. ROBINSON, DAVID ROBINSON, D.E. ROBINSON, and all other variations however styled, punctuated, spelled, ordered, or otherwise represented as pertaining to me and my estate, and hereby declare their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Maine.
All prior Powers of Attorney, all other prior presumed or granted Executorships, Guardianships, and Agency relationships are terminated and revoked effective with my natural birthday September 8, 1936, as I elect to be recognized as the sole living owner, executor, beneficiary, and agent of my name and estate since my 21st birthday on September 8, 1957.
So said, so signed, and so sealed by my living hand this 4th day of June in the year 2018.

                                           by: _____________________________________  Seal  ©  LS 

Witness Jurat

Maine State

Cumberland County

I, a public notary, was visited today by the living man known and identified as David Everett Robinson and he did sign and seal this Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance in my presence and did affirm the same in my sight, whereupon I affix my signature and seal as testimony to these facts:

_____________________ Notary; my commission expires on: __.

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