trade name template

Deed of Land Recording [Your Baby’s ILB Private Identity Code]
American Common Law Copyright and Trademark of Trade Name

On the _ day of _ in the year Anno Domini at the hour and minute of a.m./p.m., a new baby was born on the land of _____ County in the _______________State to the __________________Family and was given the name: _________________________________.

The private natural biological parents are: ______________________, Father, born _____on the land of the ________________________County in the ___________________State or foreign country:_______________& ___________________, Mother, born
_____on the land of the ______________________County in the ___________________State or foreign country:___________________.

The family lives in the __________________County of the ____________________State near ______________________ and keeps the mailing address: ______________

This baby is their living child and ____ son or daughter (please circle one).

Witness Jurat

In Witness of these facts, before me, a Public Notary, appeared ___________________ a private natural person and did present proofs of their identity and was deposed and did swear to or affirm these facts from Without the United States and did proclaim them under penalty of perjury and did sign this Deed in confirmation of all the above:

By:___________________________Witness By:_________________________________Notary Seal My commission expires on:_____________.

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