Their “Republic” and Our Republic

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Our confused Territorial Employees are trying to form their own “Republic” fashioned after our republics, but they don’t know enough to do it properly and can only function on our credit, which prevents them from ever being a real republic. 


They think that they can occupy the old Federal Republic that was created as an instrumentality of the original Confederation and which was an American-run Federal Subcontractor — but they don’t have a contract to do that with the actual Delegator of the Enumerated Powers, and that’s us, The United States of America. 

All the things that they are doing and trying to do reflect their confusion and ignorance of history and ownership interests and structure of the actual government.  

Just look at the laundry list of questions I received about the “new republic” that the Territorial U.S. Citizens are trying to launch for themselves: 

1. Why is the ‘new’ currency, still a ‘note’, instead of a dollar? Only thing that has changed is the players!

2.  Why is DT creating another “United States Republic”, corporation. 

3.  Why are the Illuminati Goals of a Digital Currency, implemented, which is Push Button Control of the Population.  Total Transparency to Whom. What happens if another Obummer Sneaks in. 

4. Why are the fraudulent Birth Certificates still issued by the ‘State of’ corporations still creating “Human Resource Units”?  Those should all cease and the Revenue inherent in them should be tendered to the Live Person They Defrauded by their Creation!

5.  If the IRS, Internal Revenue Service (joke) forms are still being used, when they are completely fraudulently in nature, and the ‘Service’ is dissolved and doesn’t exist any more.

6. The banks are still going to use the PN fraud, Why is that allowed to continue.

7.  Why are all the land deeds remaining in the PUBLIC venue, instead of moving them back into the private, reversing what FDR did. If our sweat equity paid for the land then we should go back to issuing “Grant Deed”, where the language again is “Free from all taxes and encumbrances”.  ( Look up any deed prior to 1925.) 

8. If, indeed, he is opening all Rothchilds Patent office to the public, why are we still dependant on Gas (a bush world) and not have modes of travel that produce their own energy.  I. E. Water seperated powered cars great. Original Patent holder was murdered to stop their production.

9.  Why is the IRS, Internal Revenue Service, still pursuing fraudulent debt Collections. All Cases involving IRS and DOJ should be by EO dismissed ab initio, and all IRS debt cleared out!

10. Finally, The Common Law is Private Law. Corporate law is public, thereby stealing your property as they have an interest in your land. I.E.Warranty deed, simply moves the next tenant in possession to the land temporarily, whereas a Grant Deed Passes Private title (housed in the County Court house). No opportunity to lien unless adjudicated by a court, justice of the peace.

****Please note the incorrect statement in Question 10 — the way things are now and the way they have been for a long time, Corporate law is private, not public, and Public Law isn’t rarely addressed at all.****

The thing to bear in mind is that this is their idea of a republic — their republic operated for them–  and it has nothing to do with your State republics which already exist and which demand your time and attention.  Once again, the Territorial United States Government is reorganizing itself — and trying to substitute itself for our American-run Federal Republic, similar to the way that Territorial State-of-State organizations substituted themselves for our American-run State-of-State organizations in the wake of the Civil War. 

They are still proposing to have access to our credit, and to issue cryptocurrency NOTES against our assets, but in point of fact, they are not operating under American control and oversight —and the “Federal Republic” that has permission to issue credit in our names is American owned and operated, not British.  

They have to seriously rethink several aspects of their plan, or it is just going to be another illegal fraud and Mess. 

First and foremost, while we are willing to entertain their desires to operate as lawful people (State Nationals) and to be protected under the Constitutions like everyone else, and while we understand and agree with their desire to be employed and to adopt a republican form of government —- they still can’t be operating as rogue foreign corporations, pretending to be and to exercise the powers of our Federal Republic while in fact substituting a foreign organization for it, nor can they make false claims in commerce against us and our assets.  

That simply isn’t going to work anymore.

There is one way out of this, and that is to come clean all the way. 

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