Black People, You’ve Been Conned

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Well, we’ve all been conned, but you’ve been conned more than the rest of us. 
From everything I have seen, Martin Luther King, Jr. took half a loaf — a grant of “Civil Rights”—- and that, at least temporarily, prevented recognition of the Natural and Unalienable Rights actually owed to black people.

Maybe he thought that half a loaf was better than none.  Maybe he saw it as a stepping stone to eventually have the Natural and Unalienable Rights of all people fully recognized and honored.  

We’ll never know what MLK knew or what he thought about this issue, but certain other things are sure.  

It’s certain that the Democratic Party that so many black and colored people identify with and support has in fact been their primary political opponent for decades.  Look at the history.  Look at the voting records.  

It was Democrats that engineered conferring Municipal CITIZENSHIP on black people following the Civil War — effectively making them publicly-owned slaves instead of privately-owned slaves. 

It was Democrats who substituted Civil Rights for Natural and Unalienable Rights, too.   
Civil Rights are merely privileges conferred by the Municipal Congress.  And they can be taken away from the Municipal Congress on a whim.  

But your Natural and Unalienable Rights come from Nature and Nature’s God. 
Think about it.  You’ve been snookered.  

And you don’t need Municipal citizenship.  It was conferred on you, but you never needed it, and if you knew what it entailed, you would never want it, either.  

You can choose to exercise your birthright political status as Americans, instead.  You can be truly free and have your Natural and Unalienable Rights respected and protected.  You can claim your own assets for your own benefit.  

Like every other American, you simply need to know that you have that choice. And then, you need to make it.  

Go to:  Start learning the truth about your country now.  

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