Great Info from the Buffalo Horns Guy from The Capitol

John E. Jordan – \uD83D\uDC40 \uD83D\uDCA5\uD83D\uDC40 Buffalo Horns Guy from The Capitol… (

Your only way out is to surrender, by Robert-dean: House

Trump knows of the ten square miles of D.C. being laid out as a Satanic Pentagram.  He also knows he will not be leading this Nation from such a Satanic place.  We people of like mind have known for some time this foreign area must be neutralized and done away with. 

Today is going to be a day to go forever down into history.  I know what Mr. Jordan is talking about to be true and can be confirmed from a book written by Jerry Pournelle in 1979 called, “A Step Further Out”.

We still will be required to Assemble within our counties / parishes, etc. to maintain control of We the People and to rid our land of public servants that have taken over as corporations doing business for profit. 

To further protect oneself it is also a good idea to claim who and what you are by doing a form of affidavit stating so and witnessed, autographed and sealed with your right thumb print and then put it into the public record to make it transparent to all.

I like to keep my post short and to the point so if anyone wishes more information they can call me at 239-229-6243 or email me at

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