Federal Dual Citizenship — Why It Is Important

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

As we have taught and observed since the beginning, there were three (3) Federal Subcontractors operating under three (3) separate Constitutions — an American Subcontractor, a British Subcontractor, and a Holy Roman Empire Subcontractor. 
All of these Subcontractors were staffed and operated by Federal Citizens. 

The American Subcontractor was staffed by United States Citizens, as defined by 2 USC 253, Chapter 28, Subsection 1. 

The British and HRE Subcontractors were defined within the Constitutions themselves, and so, their political status is attached to and defined by and only exists so long as their Constitutions stand.  See Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 and Article 1, Section 3,  Clause 3.  

From the very first, then, our American Federal Subcontractor, known as the Federal Republic, was staffed by Americans who claimed their birthright identity as State Nationals, but additionally qualified under 2 USC 253, to perform as Federal United States Citizens.  

This is known as Dual Citizenship, where one person owes citizenship obligations to two (2) body politics and two governments at the same time. 

Americans are either (1) State Nationals, or (2) State Citizens, one or the other, no wishy-washy.  We don’t recognize Dual Citizenship at all.  From our perspective, Federal United States Citizens are State Nationals of the State they were born in and are accountable to our country and our government via State Public Law.  

But from the Federal standpoint, Americans can be Dual Citizens, and have to act as Dual Citizens, if they are going to work for the Federal Government.  

That includes the Federal Republic.  

So Federal Republic United States Citizens are Americans who are State Nationals protected under the Constitutions as State Nationals, but they are additionally under obligation to serve the Federal Republic in foreign international and global jurisdictions.  

For example, you might be a New York State National serving as a Federal United States Citizen, and those two political identities would together define your Dual Citizenship as a Federal Republic Employee operating under The Constitution for the united States of America.. 

As British Territorial Government Employee, you would also be a Dual Citizen, but one of your political status obligations would be to the government of Great Britain, and the other would be to the Territorial United States Government operating under The Constitution of the United States of America. 

Ditto with respect to the Municipal United States Government and its Employees — one citizenship obligation would be to the Holy Roman Empire, and the other to the Municipal Government of the United States operating under The Constitution of the United States.  

Our American Federal Republic ceased operating in 1860, as a result of its oversight and funding being disrupted by the Secession of the Southern State-of -State Governments from the original Confederation.  

There is no British Federal Republic. There is no Municipal Federal Republic. 

In recent years things have gotten so slack that members of the  Municipal Congress have been allowed to choose other citizenships — for example, a Senator could choose to act as a Municipal citizen of the United States and an Israeli citizen, or a Congresswoman could act as a Municipal citizen of the United States and a Libyan citizen.  

This has eroded any sense of loyalty to their Employers and sped the corruption of what is supposed to be “our” Federal Government, or to be more exact, to be “representing” our Federal Government —-because these people are no longer subject to any form of American Public Law.  As Municipal citizens of the United States, they answer to the Pope.  As citizens of China or Lebanon or Russia, they stand under the laws of their own adopted foreign countries.  

This same corruption is what has led to “Globalism” and it is really just another example of deceiving and defrauding the American people who voted for these monsters in Good Faith, assuming that these foreign Vermin were their own long-lost American Federal Republic Congress—- and would be operating under the same laws and constraints as their Federal Congress.  

Fraud vitiates everything under Roman Civil Law, and the Pope is obligated to shut these Vermin down.  They are his responsibility.  

He has owned them as slaves and not only must he set them free upon discovery of the Great Fraud, he must see to the arrest of the criminals among them who have committed such outrageous crimes against humanity and against The Constitution of the United States.  

As for the British Territorial Government, they are messing around seeking shelter from the storm they helped create, and are now proposing to pass themselves off as our long-lost American Federal Republic.  

What they need to do is to turn the reins back over to the actual Federation of States, which is the only entity on Earth with the power and provenance and the prior-established right to save their bacon.  

They should all come clean and come home instead of fooling around trying to establish a “new” republic for themselves; as British Territorial Citizens they have no right to issue gold or silver money and cannot create any new republic for themselves based on our credit. 

Their only way forward is for the American-born employees of “the” United States of America (under whatever name they are now calling their corporation– I think it’s “The Republic of The United States”–Inc.) to come home, adopt their American State National political status as half of their Dual Citizenship, re-charter, and operate under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

There is no safety elsewhere, because of the Great Fraud, and because of the Operation of Law that returns all delegated powers to the Delegator upon Breach of Trust or incompetence or failure to perform.  Our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America has offered a port in the storm, but under our terms. 

They have to stand under our Public Law while operating on our land, must honorably perform according to our Federal Constitution, and must accept the obligations of Federal United States Citizens as half of their Dual Citizenship.

Then they can claim to have a valid association with us and can function under our oversight as an instrumentality of the American Government and can operate under The Constitution for the united States of America. 
Not otherwise.  

It seems that they have recently realized their numerous mistakes and in desperation are trying to front a “Second Declaration of Independence” — but as we pointed out, Territorial United States Citizens don’t have a political status related to us in the absence of a Constitution, and if they attempt to adopt a “Second” Declaration of Independence, they instantly lose all that was won under The Declaration of Independence.  

They become rebels and renegades, stateless and homeless, starting over from Ground Zero, recognizable as international pirates—- and we will still have all our rights and prerogatives intact.

If they want to enjoy the gains that our Forefathers made in The War of Independence, they will have to come home. 

It is past time for the so-called White Hats to talk to the actual people of this country and to our much-betrayed international government, which is, as ever, our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America.      

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