No More Fakes and No More Cuckoo Birds, Either

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Okay, so Joe Biden is “President” of a brand new Municipal Corporation backed by China,  that doesn’t have a contract with us, the American States and People.  And no right to be here. 

On top of that, thanks to the fraudulent Corporations Act of 1870 (which is the Big Kahuna, not the Act of 1871) as we pointed out earlier this week in a series of three short articles devoted to this subject — all US CORPORATIONS are operating on fraudulent charters. 

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears– oh, my! 

The only way out for any of them, including Joe and Nancy’s brand new Flibberdegibit, Inc., is for us to “accept them” and recharter them as American Corporations, and bring them in under our Public Law. Otherwise, they have no right to exist and no right to be here.  

Good-bye, GM.  Good-bye, GE.  Good-bye, CHINA.   Good-bye, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKELEY.  Good-bye, UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS.  Good-bye, MICROSOFT, INC.  Good-bye, GOOGLE, INC.  Good-bye, RAYTHEON, INC.  Good-bye, FEMA, INC.  Good-bye, GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, INC. and on and on and on. 

This is something that the Holy See did back in 1870 that was completely out of school and they knew it at the time and they still know it now; the mills of God may be slow, but…. they grind exceedingly fine. 

Here we are. I repeat — all US CORPORATIONS are founded on fraud and usurpation in Breach of Trust. 

Not only that, but because the Holy See actually owns the Territorial Governments and operates them through Territorial Governmental Services Corporations, the USA, Inc. is formed as a franchise of the US, INC. — and all the franchises are thus tainted by the same fraud. 

So, good-bye, Microsoft, Inc. and good-bye, The New York Times, Inc., and good-bye, State of Wisconsin, Inc., and good-bye, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Inc., and good-bye University of Wisconsin-Madison, Inc., and good-bye, City of New York, Inc……  
Are you all beginning to get this picture?  None of these corporations have a valid charter of any kind to stand on.  

As a result, they all have to be rechartered or liquidated. None of them have any right to exist.  All of them have been formed under conditions of deceit and usurpation.  All are tainted by the same fraud. 

The Holy See is a sovereign Principal and Power, but it had no ability to act in that capacity “for” us and neither did any Municipal or Territorial Congress acting in 1870.  
So that is Situation One, and the reason that the Territorial Government is in such disarray, with or without a Municipal Corporation.  

And now we come to Situation Two. 

You will all remember how the American States-of-States were quietly “replaced” by British Territorial States-of-States after the Civil War?  

Well, looks like they are trying to do it again, only this time, the British Territorial Government is trying to occupy our American Federal Republic and pretend to be some kind of outgrowth of it in the modern day.  


Our Federal Republic is and always was an American-owned and American-operated entity.  Not British.  If they want to occupy our Federal Republic, we have to renew its charter, The Constitution for the united States of America, and they, the Americans operating the Territorial Government, have to function as State Nationals as the other half of their Dual Federal Citizenship.  

No more nesting in our nest and pretending to be part of our government without walking the walk. 

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