A Joke Gone Bad

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Now I have people running around talking about “the 1776 Constitution” and they don’t get the insider joke.

There is no 1776 Constitution.

In 1776, we were fighting our own battles and doing everything for ourselves and by the way, we were bootstrapping it then just as we are today.

We couldn’t afford to pay ourselves to do the work, much less pay anyone else to work for us.

So there was no Constitution in 1776. 

Constitutions are debt agreements in which one Party agrees to pay another Party to perform some service for them. 

You can be sure there was no such contract in 1776, nor for more than a decade afterward. 

We mowed our own grass the entire time between 1776 and 1787 when the first such constitutional contract was signed between the States and an “American Service Provider” called the States of America.

Lately, some people started snarking in an ironic way about “the Constitution of 1776” precisely because there was no Constitution in 1776. 

They were talking about ousting the foreign Federal Subcontractors and doing without their “services”— in a veiled way, and suggesting that we just slam the door on the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor—and hoe our own beans.  Again. 

It’s a “Shank’s Mare” joke.  Shank didn’t have a horse, but he had a shank (leg) and that was his “mare”.  Get it?

But now I’ve got perfectly sane, intelligent, should-know-better people talking about “returning to the Constitution of 1776” as if there was ever any such document and I groan like a wounded animal every time I see or hear it.

A patriot joke, turned into a widespread public display of patriot ignorance? 

No, no, no, no! 

We get to laugh at them from now on; and, we give our employees nothing to laugh about at all.

So, pass the word.  And share the humor. But please, also realize that there was no constitution in 1776.  And that is exactly the point.  

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