President Trump for the united States Republic by Robert-dean: House

At this point there is a lot to be corrected within the information being released to the public a lot of misunderstanding and deliberate misdirection of that information.

1.  The Constitution.  The Constitution does not give People any rights.  Rights are under the Declaration of Independence.  Remember that word “Independence”.  The Constitution is an instrument also known as a Contract made between the People (not citizens) and their lawfully elected (not legally selected) leaders.  It has nothing to do with rights. 
2.  The Declaration of Independence gives the People rights and protects those rights as long as the People do not consent them away.  One way they are consented away is by being deceived that one is a citizen of a Corporation and makes the many claims such as but not limited to, a State Corporate Drivers License, a State Corporate Registration of any sort,  a State Corporate License to a Business, and yes even a State Registration to Vote.  People under their Independence have the right to Suffrage but give up that right to power of Attorney when they register to Vote.  The Corporation now votes in the way it believes is best for the people as the people gave them that right via autograph on the registration.
3.  Independent.  The first definition of the word in the Webster’s 1828 dictionary is, “Not dependent; not subject to the control of others; not subordinate.  God is the only being who is perfectly independent”.  This is what is being kept behind the curtain of deceit that they do not want the people to know or how to become Independent, and a Free People.  How to do this simple task will be explained at the end of this post.
4. The Military in DC were not being miss-treated and are on the patriots side.  As a veteran of the Marines and the Army, it is not unusual for such a large force to be gathered and deployed to a foreign country, as DC is, within a 72 hour window.  At that point they are on the scene with their assigned equipment while the logistics catches up with them.  By the way, this has to all be pre-planned so don’t think Biden or any one else but the acting President could do this no matter what you hear in the MSM.  The military you see in the videos crashed on the floor of the Capital is because they are exhausted and are on shifts resting in the warmth of inside vs. outside in their vehicles, etc.
5.  Voter Fraud Sting.  70% of Congress?  There is that word that has not been in lawful existence since 1871 when they decided to usurp the peoples government into an invisible corporation.   I have said it before on this site, “Government can not lawfully be a Corporation and a Corporation can not Lawfully be a Government”.  They do this under the guise of the Corporate Legal System.  All the actors of this Corporation acting as the Government of today all know it.  This is why it has been said that 85% of them will be charged for so many crimes.  The other 15% came clean with the truth, and the truth will make you free. 
6.  Fear.  People are starting to fear what they are hearing and seeing in the MSM and thinking that Trump jumped ship.  Believe me, he has not.  Remember the passage in the Bible under Revelations, something like,  and one was wounded and returned?  People need to find their faith and independence once again and clear their name from the Corporation’s Citizens.
7.  DC is a foreign country built on ten square miles of Satanic ground and was one of the reasons it was nearly burned down in the past.  People have to stop idling it as their Capital.  As of this day, the military will only be, in part, departing the area while enough will be left behind to see that it stays locked up.  Yes, we will have another Government, one that is separated of all corporate parties and returned to We the People via our Right to Assemble.  But not under a Corporate Citizens Privilege of a Legal System but under the Peoples Right of Common Law under Self Governance.  Should the People choose Trump as their Representative, so be it.
8.  If you have lost faith in people then return to that of God and sign a contract with him stating so.  Do a form of Affidavit of Live Life Birth giving allegiance to it with your printed autograph with a red ink right thumb print over the last letter in your autograph.  Have two witness to this along with, but not necessary, a Notary, who is of the Corporation, and place it into the public domain.  This is usually done through their corporate clerk of court under public record but can also be on any bulletin board in a business or online.    
9.  Now, start self governing by joining or starting a county wide Assembly under the proper rules of conduct and then elect your 25 Grand Jury, four of who are known Administrators and give instructions to those who the People elect under a lawful election via paper ballots. 

The new united States Republic of We the People.  Port Charlotte Florida.

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