A letter of request to Major William Walker by Robert-dean: House

In 2002, I bought and payed for 20 acres of land in Charlotte County Florida.  For seven years I improved the land and planted rows of trees on the north half where I placed my home and paid the voluntary fraudulent property tax unknowing of the tax deceit. 

In 2009 someone working with and in the Charlotte County DeFacto Government separated my property in half to grant me an Agricultural tax exemption on the south half and Homestead tax exemption on the north half.  The south 10 is an open field.  To this day no one can confirm the party responsible for the separation.  

I payed both taxes until 2014 and stopped paying it on the south.  In 2017, I lawfully placed the 20 acres under Allodial Title Via Land Patent via the Bureau of Land Management.  I had also completed an affidavit of Live Life Birth in claim of being one of Gods People and not a citizen of any Corporation. 

The Patent and the Affidavit were lawfully witnessed, autographed and sealed with my right thumb print.  They were then placed into the public record and certified at, charlotteclerk.com under House, Robert. 

Copies of these Instruments where then lawfully served to the Clerk of Court, the Tax Collector, Secretary of State Florida, Secretary of State D.C. and several others and later to the Sheriff of Charlotte County.

In 2019, unknow people(s) sold the south half to a real estate agent at auction under color of law statutes.  The agent has since fired a AR on my land and had me trespassed from it on September 4th by the Sheriffs office who refused to review my documents of ownership. 

All actors of this fraud have been served lawful Affidavits of the fraud and have refused to answer.  The agent has since placed a five strain barb wire fence separating my property to include the easement to my home.  I also raise pigs on this land and a few days ago a young pregnant female was shot and managed her way home where she died. 

My request of you is for a military investigation into this Property Theft Fraud.  I am also a Marine veteran and a Army veteran.


Robert-dean: House — trefarmerh@centurylink.net — phone, 239-229-6243. 

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