We’re Not Bankrupt — They Are

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Okay, get some basics down pat:

A “President” is the CEO of a business entity, either an unincorporated company, or an incorporated entity. That’s not the same as the Head of State for an entire country, is it?

No, it is not.

So, wake up and pay attention:

1. President of The United States

2. The President of The United States

3. President of the United States

4. The President of the United States

5. President of THE UNITED STATES



8. President of the UNITED STATES

9. President of the united States of America

10. The President Of The United States of America

11. President of the united STATES OF AMERICA

12. PRESIDENT Of the United States of America

13. THE PRESIDENT of The united States of America

14. The President of The United States of America

15. President for the united States of America

16. The President for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

17. The President for the UNITED STATES

….Okay? I could go on, but I think everyone can now literally see what has been going on here.

We have all sorts of “Presidents” of all sorts of variations of “United States” and more variations of “United States of America” and all sorts of variations and permutations and combinations and styles of these names and labels, each applying to separate legal fiction entities, until no sane person on the street is ever going to be able to sort out who is who or what organization is what.

You have to ask which President?

Which United States?

Which United States of America?

Anyone remember the old Abbott and Costello Baseball Routine? Who’s on first and what’s on second? It’s like that.

And so, it’s easy for people to mistake one “United States” for another “United States” entirely. Or, one “United States of America” for another “United States of America”.

With this in front of your faces, please understand that:

(1) Our country has never been bankrupt — ever.

(2) Our country has sovereign immunity and is not eligible for bankruptcy, anyway.

(3) Our unincorporated National Government, The United States, has never been bankrupt and has never had bankruptcy protection.

(4) Our unincorporated International Government, The United States of America, has never been bankrupt and has never had bankruptcy protection.

(5) All the versions of “the” United States that you hear about going bankrupt are foreign commercial corporations.

(6) All the versions of “the” United States of America that you hear about going bankrupt are foreign commercial corporations.

The only connection we have to these corporations or their debts in any way, shape, or form, is that they are our Subcontractors for certain enumerated services. That’s it.

The entities that went bankrupt during and after the Civil War were all state-of-state business organizations that were members of the original Confederation, both North and South.

The version of “United States” that received that big injection of cash from the Holy See and The City of London soon after the Civil War was the Holy See’s own franchise, and our Subcontractor, the Municipal United States. Not us.

Stop a moment and use your noggins. Florida is a State, but the State of Florida is a State of State. These are two different things.

A State is a public government. A State of State is a private, for-profit subcontractor doing business for the State under the strict guidance of a “constitution” that sets forth the details of this business arrangement.

So when I tell you that it was the State of State entities that went bankrupt after the Civil War, and that our States of the Union were never even part of the Civil War —- listen up and try to fathom what I am telling you.

Our lawful government in international jurisdiction, The United States of America, which is an unincorporated Federation of States, never fired a shot in the Civil War. Our Congress never issued a Declaration of War. Our Congress never issued a peace treaty. We had nothing to do with the entire boondoggle.

So when these people tell you that “the” US is broke, or “the” US is bankrupt, or “the” US is in debt—- which US are they talking about?

I’ll give y’all a great big clue — it isn’t us. It isn’t “these” United States that are bankrupt or responsible for all the war mongering and commercial mercenary conflicts.

It’s those United States— the Municipal United States, that is up to its yarmulkas and Papal Tiaras in debt.

Virtually every soldier or sailor in the past 160 years has trespassed against the States and the people, and has committed treason against our lawful government and our Constitutions— even though 99.9% of them don’t have a clue that this is so.

They don’t know that they’ve been used as cheap mercenaries instead of actual soldiers and sailors, either.

Neither do they grasp the fact that they need amnesty from our lawful government—- and they need it badly, because as it stands, and thanks to their corrupt leadership, they are all suffering a stain on their honor and a target on their backs.

The Joint Chiefs and officers at all levels need to stop jerking around playing name games and spinning off new “deceptively similar” names for commercial corporations intent on defrauding us, and stop setting up offshore corporations to steal their employers blind under color of law.

Just as it is time for the Municipal Government to go back in its box, it’s time for the Brits to stop trying to impersonate us and substitute their corporations for the missing pieces of our government.

We are here now, and we are able to chart our own course, able to front our own corporations, able to set aside foreign debts, able to reconstruct the Confederation and the American Federal Republic, able to do our own bookkeeping, too.

We can show them who’s on first, second, third, and home— without even breaking wind.

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