Purged video by Robert-dean: House

They can purge the video but not my mind.

I watched the whole video on the morning of January 27th at about 6:35 AM after it was put on line and was created live, by Mustang Medic.  It was a video of him standing in front of the Capital filming all the unusual automobile traffic coming into the area at 2 AM and was a little over 30 minutes long. 

This is what I recall and am translating to the reader as a veteran of the Marines and the Army. I will refer to the man making the film as Mustang for which he surely is.  

Mustang was standing outside the fenced in area in front of the Capital just outside of a yellow taped line left over from another event.  On the road in front of him and the fence was a convoy of traffic to include busses from many different companies written on the sides and all blacked out windows along with white stretched vans black limousines, all blacked out windows. 

The convoy was stopping and going from his left to the right as if waiting to be parked somewhere out of Mustangs sight.  The busses, even though the windows were tinted, can be seen through as the busses passed by a street light between Mustang and the light and images of peoples heads could be seen.  

The film seemed to be somewhat boring at first but defiantly live of the area and not MSM BS.

Mustang was narrating as he filmed from his cam phone.  He stated how cold it was out and that people need to do something to help the homeless in DC as he filmed a person pushing a full shopping cart from his right to the left along the road and out of sight. “Getting the hell out of there?” 

He also had up to over 51,000 viewers before his battery died and some of them were asking him to go up to the gate guard to inquire as to what was going on.  Another thing he noticed was that there was no other media around anywhere and no one seemed to notice or cared that he was there. 

Thing started to get interesting as people started to show up on the right crossing the street carrying back packs and one even had a suit bag and all dressed in civilian attire.  They approached the guard at the entrance of the fence and all produced some sort of I.D. from their lapel area, possibly dog tags but not likely.  This would not be unusual for the military for they first arrive carrying their necessities as their baggage in the storage of the bus is unloaded and catches up to them at their destination.  It is my belief that the incoming personal are support units to include JAG (Judge Advocate General, Criminal Investigation Division) and CID. 

Then all of a sudden comes the cream on the cake.  A black civilian sedan pulls up in front of Mustang with a small US flag mounted on both front corners of the vehicle like a staff car.  It too had tinted windows but with the lighting as it is, I could see the one in the front passenger side as two people got out of the back.  On the passenger side a women, she appeared elderly, stepped out seeming to ignore Mustang who was maybe 25 feet away and the only one there holding a cam.  On the drivers side an elderly man stepped out and stayed somewhat slumped over as the woman walked around the rear of the car and met him then they walked across the street towards the guard at the gate.  Both were caring what appeared to be over night bags. The driver waited until they got past the guard then drove off. 

It is my belief that these two people were subjects of the Military arrest.  To keep a low profile and to give them, the deep state arrestees, one last chance, they would have been contacted and informed of their situation and given the chance to come in on their own at a set time and location or suffer an alternative arrest. Or, they could have been witnesses.   

Later, I assume when he charged his battery some, Mustang did another one minute video stating he witnessed the arrest of the DC deep state which they have not purged as of my knowledge at this time.  


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