Passing It On — The Sarah Westall Interview

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

I often do interviews along with all the rest of the work on my platter, but I think despite the difference in experience and to some degree, focus, I have a special affinity for Sarah Westall.  

It’s probably because she always asks honest and intelligent questions, and because I have never had cause to think that she was “in it for the ratings”. 

Like Jon Rappoport, she has the instincts of a real journalist and cares about content, so to me, Sarah represents a rare truthseeker in a world absolutely full of chiselers and agents. 

She is having trouble getting her work out, thanks to the despicable corporate crackdown on free speech, so any help any of you can give to help her work along is much appreciated.  

Here are the two segments, Parts 1 and 2, of a recent interview with me that goes over the basics of what happened, how it impacts each one of us, and what we can do about it: 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Please feel free to use it as a teaching tool for those who are too busy or too mildly interested or have too much trouble reading. 

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