“Go Back to Go Forward” | By Robert-dean: House

One solution to the business problem may be as simple as going back in order to go forward. 

Businesses are being closed down by the owners own consent.  They first consented to the Corporations incorporating their business by registering the business with the Corporate County / State.  The incorporated law enforcement enforces the Corporations contracted Statutes, Codes and Rules upon its Citizens.  Now, just un-incorporate by changing who you are contracting with.  Stop reinstating a County / State / Federal license, a license to do something wrong. 

Go back.  Remember the old Ma and Pop stores, businesses?  I remember when I was growing up in the small town of Ray, Minnesota.  We lived just a mile out of town and called it a one horse town because it had only one grocery store, one bar, one school and one church.  The store owner and his wife ran the store sometimes with one or two employees and his wife did double duty as the 5th and 6th grade school teacher.
The town is about 20 miles from a bigger town known as International Falls and the area was of farmers and/or loggers most often times both along with many other trades along with the tourist trade.  Most people had to do seasonal jobs as did my Dad.  Raising five children was a constant chore.  Most everyone had credit at the store and contracted a verbal agreement to pay it up or pay on it when they completed the seasonal job.  Sometimes the job was not enough when you had to pay such things like the yearly corporate vehicle registration, income tax or such other things brought upon us under deceit and our consent.

The store owner was not incorporated.  He owned the building and the land it was on but he too had corporate property taxes and such to pay, all under deceit and consent but who new it?  He ordered his goods from all over and had almost anything necessary to supply the 200 plus people of the area.  If he did not have something someone needed he would show them a catalog and order it for them, without a deposit. 

What business have done to their selves is their own fault and can be corrected simply by getting out of the corporations.  Today if someone wanted to start a little store such as the Watson General Store of Ray, they could do it if they gave it some thought and eliminated the corporations.  Keeping in mind that it is your business and to succeed with it or not is your right under common law to contract with people without a third party interest or license.   We never feared the food we bought at Watson’s and we never got a bum deal that he would not or could not work out. 

Sometimes, I think, we need to take a step back before going forward.  By the way, the employees liked their job and did not fear losing it as they do today.


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