Take In Just One Little Scrap of Information….

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Day after day and week after week, I struggle to get a message through to the people of this country.  The essence of the message is: “Hey!  Your identity has been stolen!  You are being robbed blind by credit account hackers!” 

Now, that should be easy enough to understand, shouldn’t it?  Yet, apparently, it is bypassing people who continue to drift along and sing la-dee-dah-dee-doh.  It just isn’t getting through to them what this means.  So let’s spell it out. 

Thanks to actions undertaken by foreign-for-profit commercial corporations masquerading as “your” government, you have been misidentified as a foreigner living in your own country.  

This misidentification took place when you were just a baby in your cradle, so you could not possibly know anything about it, much less object to it.  This resulted in what is called an “Unconscionable Contract” between you and the Queen’s Government, obligating you to act as a British Commonwealth Subject, as if you were born in Puerto Rico. 

Are you beginning to get the drift of this? 

So, suddenly, instead of being an American owed every jot of The Constitution of the United States of America, you have been unlawfully converted into a British Territorial property, a Ward of the State of State organization that the Queen’s Government has been running in your purported “absence”.  

According to them, you have been lost at sea.  No idea where you are or who you are.  The only public evidence of your existence is a registration….. as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen.  

So the Queen’s Government steps in and claims you as property, copyrights your Proper Name as the name of a British Commonwealth business enterprise, and latches onto all your assets in the name of the Queen.  And if you should object or commit any infractions against the British Bunko Artists, you will find yourself in a “District Court” functioning as the King’s Bench, subjected to foreign “Equity Law” where the King owns all the “equity” and you are a criminal by definition.  

Welcome to the system of British “Justice” that we exited two centuries ago. 
This is what has happened, people.  This is where you are.  

The monstrousness of this fraud scheme and the horrible impact it has had on America cannot be easily fathomed, but it has been completely documented, so listen up.  Among all the dystopian fantasies and disinformation floating around on the internet, this is not another “story”.  

You and everything you own have been mortgaged to pay the debts of the Queen and the Pope.  You have been enslaved and subjected to foreign law in flagrant evasion and disrespect of the 11th Amendment.

And unless you wake up, stand up, and rebut this nonsense, you and your children’s children’s children will be on the hook to pay the debts of these monsters.  You will be disinherited as an American, misidentified as a penniless foreigner in your own country.  

How could something like this happen?  Pre-planning and collusion among traitorous American politicians and foreign governments, aided and abetted by some military personnel who followed along and did the bidding of the Perpetrators. 

Here’s an example of it: 

World War II was in fact planned at a meeting of the Shareholders of the Bank of Scotland in 1877.  It was an odd mix of Catholics and Calvinists with nothing in common but shares in the Bank of Scotland and membership in Secret Societies. 

The Papal Legate at that meeting, a man named Francesco Brunnini, attended, voted, and vanished without a prior history and with no subsequent record of his existence or any office associated with the Holy See. 

Do I have to pull a “Nikita Moment” and bang on the podium with a shoe to get your attention?  

Intergenerational crime syndicates have planned absolutely everything that is currently happening.  And they have targeted you as their scapegoat. 

It’s past time to exit Babylon, even if you never knew that you were living in Babylon.  Know it now.  Reclaim your birthright identity and join and support your State Assembly.  Do it now.  

And shake off the dust of your sandals. 

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net

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