Funky Bookkeeping 101 — MOCEE

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

Yesterday, I restated the fundamental problem — that your identity as an American has been stolen, and your credit has been hijacked by criminals.  

Back in the 1930’s — prior to the common use of credit cards — these crimes of identity theft and credit theft were virtually unknown. 

But that’s what our Federal Subcontractors did to us, even back then.  

First, they purposefully misidentified all of us as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and then again, as Municipal citizens of the United States, thereby stealing our identity as Americans.  

They seized upon our assets using this impersonation scheme, then used our assets as the basis of credit for themselves, and left us holding the bill.

We’ve been forced under coercion and duress (racketeering) to pay and pay and pay for property and other assets that were actually already ours. 

They now owe you and the other American victims of this scheme the entire “US” National Debt. Their debt is your credit. But that’s not all the damage they have done.  They also stole our gold and silver and obstructed our access to remedy with their impersonation fraud. 

They call all these various Municipal CITIZENS operated under your NAME(S) “Federal Public Persons” and they admit that we all have a “Pre-Paid Non-Obligatory Commercial Debt Obligation Arrangement” with the UNITED STATES Corporation — which is non-consensual and unconscionable, as well.  

This “non-obligatory debt obligation” was pre-paid using the 20,000 tons of gold they illegally confiscated from Americans during FDR’s Administration, and which they used to set up the Federal Reserve Bank, the World Bank, and the IBRD (International Bank of Reconstruction and Development). It was also accrued via the non-consensual exchange of your silver for their I.O.U.s

The means they proposed to repay us for our gold and silver is called “Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange” — you owe them money for services rendered, and they owe you money because of their theft of your silver and gold, so it makes sense to “offset” these mutual debt obligations.  They also owe you for commandeering and using your “persons” in Breach of Trust and commercial service contract. 

This is how MOCEE is supposed to work:  I owe you ten, you owe me twenty, so we do the bookkeeping, offset the debts and voila — you still owe me ten, and I am scot-free.  
Only they refuse to do the bookkeeping. 

You, average Americans, should have never had to pay a dime of any mortgage, tax bill, service or loan from any commercial bank or US Corporation.  Ever. 

This is, with respect to the gold and silver thefts, “memorialized” as 12 USC 95a: Regulation of Transactions in foreign exchange (remember, you are a “non-resident alien” with respect to them) of gold and silver; property transfers, vested interests, enforcement and penalties (Part 2). 

Are you all awake and listening? 

They, the Federal Employees, stole your privately-held gold to the tune of 20,000 tons of it, admitted. And then they stole your silver, by exchanging it for “Federal Reserve Notes” — which are nothing but paper I.O.U.s, and they did it at face value, with interest assessed against you for the privilege.  

See the National Banking Emergency Act of 1933 which sets up the non-consensual “one for one” currency exchange — our silver dollars in exchange for their paper I.O.Us as if they were of equal value.

All US Federal Corporations — the Big Banks, Walmart, Microsoft, etc., are “federally bound” franchises (even though the Corporations Act of 1870 is fraud on the face of it and that has yet to be addressed) via their IRS Employee Identification Number and Federal Reserve Business Bank Accounts. 

They are all obligated to deliver goods and services to you and to offset any debt YOU may accrue.  You order the goods or services, they total the cost,  and adjust (“offset”) the bottom line to zero and release the pre-paid items to you. 

Be it a house or a college loan or a car or a utility bill — anything addressed to YOU qualifies for offset. 

The way they put it is that all Commercial Public Debt Obligations are owed by the UNITED STATES, INC. (and its actual franchises) which is the true Obligor in every transaction taking place in the commercial realm in this country.  

So, as you can now see, it is impossible for you, the living men or women, who are  Americans (and not U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States) to owe any US Corporation anything, because any debts charged to YOU are already pre-paid. 

Any debt which is addressed to any fictitious US PERSON in your NAME is eligible for offset.  The corporations are obligated to pay back their debt to you, via Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption, and then apply the “transitory loss” as a tax credit.

None of this was ever fairly or accurately disclosed to the American Public, and as a tiny number of eligible Americans were ever able to access relief, the remedy itself has been effectively denied by non-disclosure of the impersonation fraud scheme redefining us as Municipal citizens of the United States (thereby ineligible for exemption) and failure to comply on the part of the corporations.   

Read that again America — any bill or claim or lien or statement addressed to YOUR NAME in any all capital letters form or style whatsoever — is a debt addressed to a U.S. Federal Public Person, not to you; you are not obligated to pay it.  The corporation presenting the bill is obligated to OFFSET it as a tax credit. 

This is how they are supposed to be repaying you for the gold they stole from your grandparents and the silver they stole from you and your parents, both. Whatever bills addressed to YOU that you choose to offset are literally pre-paid as part of the debt owed to you as an American

But first you have to BE an American, by declaring and recording your birthright political status, because we are the ones they stole the gold and silver from in the first place.  And remember, the same hooligans have deliberately misidentified you as a Territorial U.S. Citizen and as a Municipal citizen of the United States, both, in an effort to cheat you out of your remedy. 

They’ve even bankrupted both the UNITED STATES (INC.) and the USA, Inc. in an effort to avoid paying, but because of the fraud and the non-disclosure and other aspects, these debts bypass the bankruptcy process and accrue directly to the Principals and banks responsible.

You have to declare and record your birthright political status as an American in order to qualify for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemption. 

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It’s all pre-paid. And now you know how it was pre-paid. You don’t owe them. They owe you. 

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