Public Notice to The International Court of Justice and the Court of the Lord High Steward:

By Judge Anna von Reitz | Big Lake, Alaska

We have for the past five years published our Affidavit of Probable Cause as Americans operating our unincorporated Federation of States: The United States of America.

The evidence of criminal mis-administration, Breach of Trust, purposeful semantic deceit, and self-interested commercial fraud against Americans and against our lawful government has been presented and published worldwide and many claims related to this fraud have been received by The International Court of Justice, the Office of the Prosecutor ICJ, by the Vatican Chancery Court, and others with an authority pertaining to or an interest in correction.

Recent claims by Territorial U.S. Citizens concerning an Act passed by the Territorial Congress in 1871 (but actually repealed in 1874) has prompted us to review that particular Act by their Congress and that, in turn, has prompted a review of the preceding Corporations Act of 1870, also passed by the Territorial Congress.

We find that our Foreign Subcontractors usurped upon powers entrusted to our own American Federal instrumentality, the States of America, operating as the Federal Republic. They were not authorized to exercise our sovereign power to charter corporations, despite claims of Emergency Powers never granted to them and never intended for them to exercise via any delegation of power on record.

They did this “in our names” while claiming to “stand for us” and to “represent” us, while in fact failing to fully disclose the circumstance to the American Public and also failing to render reasonable help and assistance.

The Corporations Act of 1870 was thus an usurpation in violation of both the actual Territorial contract, The Constitution of the United States of America, issued in 1789, and a trespass against our lawful Government.

The Corporations Act of 1870, is, as such, null and void from inception, having no sovereign source of authority from us, and no excuse to presume British Trusteeship.

Please note: The Corporations Act of 1870 followed the publication of a deceptive Territorial Corporation charter in 1868, which closely copied The Constitution of the United States of America, but sought to unlawfully convert it into the charter of a Scottish Commercial Corporation, which then proceeded to impersonate our Federation of States as “The United States of America”—-Incorporated.

This national-scale identity theft and impersonation scheme allowed the criminals responsible to access our National Trust Assets and Credit in precisely the same way that a credit card hacker achieves the same ends today.

This, then, establishes a pattern of deliberate fraud, semantic deceit, usurpation and impersonation by the British Territorial Government at that time, and by the Royal Bank of Scotland, in particular.

The fraudulent and undisclosed enclosure of The Constitution of the United States of America for use as a foreign corporate charter in 1868 was followed by the Corporations Act of 1870, then the adoption of the (failed) Act of 1871 seeking to create a Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia — an aim which was ultimately accomplished in 1878 —is all fraudulent, all done in Breach of Trust, and all in violation of the actual Constitutions involved.

The Corporations Act of 1870 was simply another step forward in a well-orchestrated plan to enslave Americans and purloin American assets, including conscription of Americans to fight in foreign mercenary wars for profit by the British Crown, plus confiscation of American public and private assets under color of law and conditions of semantic deceit at home.

The mechanisms to enforce all of this bunko were set in place in May of 1865 with the creation of Military Districts and quasi-military District Courts throughout the Southern States. This was supplemented by the creation of the King’s Equity Court via incorporation in the Territorial State of Delaware in 1870.

And again, we find a well-planned and executed Breach of Trust, fraudulent misrepresentation, and theft via crimes of personage and semantic deceit, expedited by unconstitutional misapplication of foreign law to American civilians, many of whom had no part in the illegal mercenary conflict known as the American Civil War.

The Territorial incorporation of a Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia also fails for fraud, trespass, and lack of standing to exercise authority that was never delegated by us and not available to the Crown as an adjunct to any “emergency powers” that were likewise never available to the Territorial Government.

So, first the British Territorial Government seized upon and exercised powers of ours that were never granted to it on an “emergency basis” while failing to render us help and assistance in that very same emergency, helped itself to our sovereign power to issue charters, and then further helped itself to exercise powers of incorporation via the Holy Roman Empire’s Municipal Government.

The final result is that all Territorial Corporations formed “in our names” since 1870 and all US CORPORATIONS formed via the same processes are void for fraud and lack of standing. Their charters are invalid.

This now leaves us to offer amnesty to all such corporations created “in our names” that are willing and able to correct their charters by the addition of the following clarifications as Articles of Correction and Lawful Conversion:

1. “It is now and has always been our intention to be recognized as American Corporations, and to function as lawful business enterprises, and to stand under the Public Law of The United States.” and;

2. “We fully abdicate and rescind and nullify this foreign charter, these incorporations, signatures and agreements established under False Pretenses, exercised under Private Law, or otherwise misrepresented to us by the Municipal Government of the United States and/or the Territorial Government of the United States of America, the British Crown, its Agents, and other Parties engaged in fraud, usurpation, or other crimes. We hereby recognize our mistake and lawfully convert all amenable elements of this, our prior foreign charter, and incorporate and enclose these amenable elements as part of this corrected American Corporation charter.” and;

3. “We agree to obey the lawful government of The United States, and in the international and global jurisdictions, to obey the lawful government of The United States of America, and to operate for lawful purposes and under the correct Public Law from now on, without coercion, without reservation, and without recourse.” and;

4. “We shall impose these same obligations upon our heirs and assigns, as part of our commitment to Good Faith business practices, our obligation to serve the Public Good, and our debt to Public Law, which provides us with limited indemnity.”

So to be said with the living breath, signed, and sealed by the Officers of the US CORP and USA, Inc. Corporations desiring amnesty. Those corporations that do not add these Articles of Correction and Lawful Conversion may be presumed to be willfully operating unlawfully as pirates, privateers, or mercenaries and may be arrested, liquidated, or impounded. Their assets may be considered fruits of unjust enrichment and similarly disposed of, including both material and intellectual properties.

Those US CORP and USA, Inc. corporations that are truly of British origin and having more than half their shareholder base in Britain or the Commonwealth may decamp without rancor or obstruction from our shores, in order to similarly re-charter under the auspices of the lawful government of Great Britain.

The same accommodations shall apply to corporate interests of other nations caught up in this settlement, with the provision that all such corporations must lawfully convert their operations and stand under the Public Law of their respective homelands to retain their right to exist and to obtain the protections of international law pertaining to these accommodations.

In no case shall it be considered sufficient protection of the public trust for any corporation to function on a legal basis, apart from those exigencies caused by actual public service; the private domain and the unique nature and ownership interests of living people and the separate public domain of our Lawful Persons must be recognized and maintained in order to preserve the Public Law and Heritage of our Nations, whereupon we establish and publish these conditions for international and global amnesty being conditionally extended to those corporations that have been, through no fault of their own, operating under invalid charters issued in our names.

All corporations needing and seeking amnesty as American Corporations have one (1) year from this date, 7th of February 2021, to adopt the required Articles of Correction and Lawful Conversion.

This settlement of these issues may not be construed as settlement of all economic issues arising from the situation herein addressed and described. Further individual adjudication and arbitration will certainly be necessary in some instances and we do not pretend to address all possible controversies that may attach to these extraordinary circumstances.

Our paramount concern in this and all other actions undertaken by our lawful government is to protect the peace, security, and welfare of living people, in our country and other countries worldwide. While we fully recognize the diabolical nature of the fraud and usurpations that have been practiced against us, we answer with compassion for those Innocents who have been similarly impersonated, abused, and deprived of profit and security that is owed to them.

By: Anna Maria Riezinger

Fiduciary for The United States of America


Special Note by Anna von Reitz

Please grasp the fact that this about actual corporations— those with Articles of Incorporation, Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, and so on. This a whole different baileywick from the “PERSONS” they constructed for you, so don’t try to connect this with your personal Estate nor with any U.S. Public Person dba YOUR NAME. This is about corporations of the General Motors kind. And of the GM kind.

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